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An interview with Venger from Kort'thalis Publishing

Blood Dark Thirst
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This is a complete vampire RPG where you get to play demonic bloodsuckers stalking the night, feeding on mortals, and reveling in the dark, pre-apocalyptic cities of the modern era.  Whether you're good, evil, or just out for yourself is completely up to you... but every choice has a price.

The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence

This is a weird, science fantasy, gonzo campaign setting and wilderness hex-crawl for old school fantasy roleplaying games.  The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence is a guide for helping you run crazy sandbox scenarios in a lost world of Snake-Men, dinosaurs, and mutant sorcerers... an exotic and deadly region possessed by a demonic, purple-hued god of ruin and consumption.

Save Yourself From Hell

This is a scenario for my sleazy space opera RPG Alpha Blue.  It's funny, weird, gonzo scifi that references a number of familiar movies like Event Horizon, Hellraiser, Space Balls, Airplane II, various kung-fu films, and anything with Cthulhu in it.  

Alpha Blue
This book is not only a rules light sci-fi RPG (d6 dice pools similar to both Crimson Dragon Slayer and The Outer Presence), but a campaign setting full of tables and scenario seeds.  And what is that setting?  Well, Alpha Blue is one of the most notorious space station brothels in the universe.