The Continent Of Crimhuk

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A brief history of the continent of Crimhuck

10,000 years ago
The race known as the Thaylians lived on the continent of crimhuck.  They were harmonious and brilliant.  The thaylians built huge cities powered by steam from the underworld.  The cities have since been covered by years of sand and wear, most of them cannot be located.  Nothing is widely known about this race, as it has been lost in time.  Above ground they used neanderthal slaves to build tracks of metal to transport goods to and from their cities.

8,000 years ago.   
During a time of relative peace between the nations of the Thaylians, a huge event happened.  A race of aliens resembling huge eight foot tall lizardmen came to Crimhuck.  These were known as the destroyers.  They wreaked havoc on the continents resources, warred against the Thaylians, and albeit destroyed the civilization.  During this outright devastation most of the Thaylian cities and population were destroyed, the remaining Thaylians moved into the depths never to be seen or heard from again.  The alien race known collectively as “the Yat” settled in the southern part of the continent deep within the swamp lands.  There they interbred neanderthal humans and giant lizards, to create a race similar in their own image.  The thought was of course to re populate their losses and interbred.  As time passed the Yat were successful in creating a lizardmen race, however experiments to colonize failed.  Slowly most of the Yat died off from exposure and disease.  

7000 years ago
A different race of Aliens showed up on Crimhuck, this was a race of Greys, their main intention was as explorers.  Learning from different worlds.  They made contact with the Gar in the throes of their extinction.  A rift was caused between the two, and a ruler of the Gar was killed during treatment.  The Greys spent what time they could, learning about the continent, and left as quickly as they came.

2000 years ago
The humans of the Isle of Tunga managed to create water vessels and started to explore.  They found the continent and quickly built the city of Yahleui.  Slowly they started to explore the continent but were thwarted more oft than not from the harshness of the land.  A few sister cities were created, some of which have lasted.  

500 years ago
From a different land came the Harr Gar, raiders and adventurers.  Their sole purpose was to take as many riches as they could find and go home with them.  As time went on they built the small village of Tilla, a bounce off point for raids further to the south.  The city of Yahleui has been sacked many times over the years by the Harr Gar and their descendants.  .

Present Day
Most of the past is buried in the sand and the world has overgrown back to it’s original form.  The old civilizations have crumbled and been lost in time.  Rumours of course exist but nothing has been proven.  The city of Yahleui does a roaring trade in silver, the ruler continues to explore the vast reaches of space on Crimhuck.  Hoping to find new mines and resources to make a tidy profit.  Up along the coast the Harr Gar raid small villages, destroying all in their path.  The Lizardmen of the swamp go about their business shunning the outside world.  Deep within the desert something evil grows, mercenaries and slavers following a new and vicious religion.  Every where neanderthals come out of caves shading their eyes to the warmth of the two suns that hang over heard.  In the swamps and forests large blood thirsty dinosaurs hunt their prey.  Occasionally a metal construct appears out of nowhere struggling to walk, steam blowing from its joints.  And in the sky there are always unexplainable things being seen.  This is Crimhuck.

A printable version of Crimhuck as of January 17/2017 is available here.
Troubling Events 
A free adventure that takes place in the city of Yahleui.

Overview Of Crimhuck

I've been slowly blogging about the above map, and filling in the details.  This is the work so far, remember it is in progress.  Eventually I will put this out as a download somewhere.  I am guessing there will be some edits to the existing blog posts as the world takes shape.  For the time being this is progress thus far.

A Brief Note On Races
Crimhuck is filled with Humans, Neanderthals, & immigrants.  None of the normal fantasy races appear within the Continent.  Unfortunately they were all wiped out long ago, however remnants of their civilizations remain.  When playing in Crimhuck, a GM can decide whether to include these races for themselves.  In which case they have probably come from a far off land.

Notes On Crimhuck
Crimhuck was only recently discovered in the last half a century.  It is a wild place, devoid of much civilization.  Attempts have been made to colonize it, but have been met with resistance.  The continent in and of itself is filled with Giant monsters, dinosaurs, lizardmen, Neanderthals and wandering tribes of humans on teh brink of intelligence.  Some small cities and villages dot the landscape, made up of immigrants from far off lands. Once long ago Crimhuck may have been home to the races of Elves, Dwarves & Halflings, but none of which have been seen on the continent for many long years.

The Lost Badlands 
Northwest of the gorge river is the Lost badlands, a un-hospitable parcel of land.  The terrain is dotted with old ruins, and low growing vegetation.  The weather for the most part is cold, winds rage across the plain making it difficult to travel.  In years past the "elders" created large mining complexes beneath the tundra.  Some of them still exist today, but are not easily found.  Among the denizens of the tundra are giant polar bears, mammoths, mountain goats.  Tribes of roaming neanderthals dot the horizon.  They war with each other over resources and food.  Tales of an ancient burial mound to a great king are told in whispers throughout the badlands.  It has yet to have been discovered.  Most merchants will circumvent travel across the badlands, and stick to the coastline of Crimhuk.  However in some cases caravans will make the crossing to the south and the small city of Yahleui.  There are a few small settlements of humans along the gorge river & Crek lake.  Most of these settlements last only a few years before they are sacked by raiders from the northern forest of armta & beyond. 

Adventure seeds. 

Neanderthal's have raided and burnt a small village close to the Crek Lake.  The fires of the village can be seen for miles.
A traveler has said that he has found an entrance to a lost mine. 
Traders are willing to pay gargantuan sums of gold for polar bear furs.
Within a extremely desolate section of the lost badlands is a place of tranquility and peace from the outside world.
Strange glowing greenish lights can be seen in the night sky almost every evening.  Folk say that it signals the coming of the Frost Devils.  It has happened before, and it brought destruction.
large black circle burnt into the ground has been found within the badlands.  The storyteller goes on to say that she saw a bird land on the circle and disappear!
Large herds of Elk have been seen fleeing south of the badlands for warmer climes.  This is very far from normal.
A vile warlord has been taking villagers hostage as slaves.  People fear for their safety at night.
A small settlement is in need of a guard to secure the borderlands around the village. 
Strange floating objects have been seen in the night sky.  Bard's say that these have been seen before, but not for a long time.  Some believe this is the coming of the gods of old.  Monuments have been created in their honour and dot the landscape of the badlands.

The Festival Of Fools 
The city of Yahleui, is known for its longstanding festival, the "Festival Of Fools".   So much so that the city has also been dubbed "The City Of Fools".  The festival takes place every 3 months to celebrate the changing of the seasons.  The entire populace dresses up as Jester's/Fools for the celebration.

The festival dates back many years, at one point there was a Jester in the court of the king, who found himself madly in love with the Queen.  He would meet her whenever he could, steal kisses on the run.  The tryst did not last long however, the king's guard found out and the Jester was sentenced to death.  His body was hung from the tallest tower of the castle for a week straight.

The festival is in celebration of love, and the antiestablishment.  As the political landscape of Yahleui has changed over the years.  There is no longer a king or monarchy.  The city is ruled by a tribunal of the merchant's guild, and the people are for the most part free to do what they will.
Any hero's entering the city during the festival will look quite out of place if they are not dressed up in a jester's costume.  Thankfully most merchants will sell hats & garb to dress up.

During the festival crime also rises, as it is quite difficult to accuse a would be thief who is dressed up exactly like everyone else!

A very large stuffed Jester will always hang for a week straight at the gates of the city, in memory of the unknown jester who started the whole festival.  The tower he hung from has since been destroyed, along with the rest of the original castle.  Some say that there are ruins beneath it, filled with treasure that was never recovered. 

Table Of Events. 
Whilst wandering thru the city during the festival you may come across one of the following events. 

A gaggle of Jester's break out in song, about love lost.
A contest for the best and funniest Jester takes place within a crowded square.
A gang of Jester's have just finished robbing a local merchant stall, they make a break for it
2 guards from the Merchant's guild are trying to politely move a beggar, who is refusing to leave his spot.  All of which are dressed as Jester's 
A large group of children are playing a game of "kick ball".
A puppet show detailing the account of the Jester is taking place in a market stall.

More information on the city of Yahleui is forthcoming.

The Southern Swamp Lands
South of the city of Yahleui along the coast are the southern swamp lands.  A dangerous place filled with dinosaurs, lizardmen and mucky things that gurgle in the night.  Pirates camp along the coasts, making it difficult to land anywhere near the swamp.  Deep within the swamps are old ruins, some of which are pyramids.  These pyramids are triangular in shape but with squared off tops.  Ceremonies by the tribes of lizardmen are performed here.  The swamps are ruled by the Lizard King, although he isn’t actually a lizard, but a reincarnation of a god.  Or so the Lizardmen believe.  In fact, he’s just very good at talking his way into things.  An opposing tribe of lizardmen believe that he is not in fact the messiah, but an imposter.  They seek to subvert his rule, and find the lost tomb of the original lizardmen god.  

A rather strange doctor lives within the swamp, he practices strange ritual mutilations and sacrifices.  His intent is to create a new type of being, using genetic manipulation.  
Normally there are no traveller’s thru the swamps, merchant caravans tend to skirt the edges of the swamp.  The coastline is littered with the remnants of sunken ships, plundered for their riches.
There are a few small villages of human tribesman throughout the swamp, they trade with local merchants.  A warlord has been slowly enslaving them to work in mines in the Reglas Desert.
Northwest of the swamps is the Regla Desert, another inhospitable place.

Adventure seeds.
A tribe of lizardmen seek entrance into an old pyramid, something old is buried there
A local tribe’s woman was kidnapped by a mysterious man in the night.
A war has broken out between 2 lizardmen tribes, spies are needed to infiltrate the camps.
The dinosaurs (or what is left of them) have been mass herding thru the swamps, they have been spotted running north towards the city of Yahleui
Ghosts of old travelers have been seen throughout the swamps, they are restless.
An old dungeon trapdoor was located by a traveller, he is willing to sell the location to would be hero’s
A great sorcerer has appeared in the swamp, he lives by himself, any who trespass on his land are immediately extinguished (in a ball of flames)
A group of priests have been seen giving aid to villagers and lizardmen alike, they call themselves the “order of happenstance”.
Strange creatures have been spotted in the night, their eyes glow in the dark and their heads are oval in shape.
Lights in the skies have been spotted.  Elders warn that this is the “end of times”.
A warlord has started enslaving tribesmen, and hauling them off towards the desert
An ancient sword was found by lizardmen, he has since been promoted to general within an army.  They say all that he fights he defeats.

The Frozen

The village of Tilla is a recent addition to the continent of Crimhuck.  It was established within the last few years by travellers who managed to navigate the "impassable sea".  The villager's are known as the "Harr-Gar", a viking-esq people.  They have started to make a home in the frozen, planting hearty crops and scavenging the land.

The land is dotted with tribes of nomads and barbarian raiders.  One tribe in particular the "Gandalah" are extremely vicious.  They have travelled south on more than one occasion, sacking and burning the countryside.  Although recently the Gandalah warships have been spotted moving east into the impassable sea.  On more than one occasion they have attempted to siege the village of Tilla, with mixed results.  The chieftain of the tribe is named "Snirrgrorr the tempted", he is a sadistic vile conqueror.  His only appetite is that of destruction.  The idea that they maybe attempting to travel across the seas, seems quite mysterious.  It has started the rumour that Snirrgrorr may not be in charge of the tribe anymore.

North of the village of Tilla is "The Frozen", a large mountain range that has remained unexplored.  Some people say that there is land beyond the mountains, but they seem to be impassable.  Roaming throughout the frozen are large mammoths, giant polar bears, seals, large birds.  There is even an active volcano known as the "Grim Peak"
Deep within the mountain range a large asteroid crash landed years ago.  Folks refer to the event as the "great awakening".  Rumbles were heard as far as south as Regla desert.   Some attempts have been made to find it, all of which have been unsuccessful.

Adventure Seeds.
A merchant is looking to hire a guard to help him travel to the famed city of Yahleui.
A local healer wants to visit "Grim Peak", he believe's that there are plants that grow on the mountain side that have healing properties.
A task force is being setup to curb the aggressiveness of the Gandalah.
A wild eyed barbarian claims to have seen strange beings within the mountain ranges of the Frozen.
Fires have spread through out the mountains, some fear that they will make there way to the Village of Tilla.
A ship builder wants to test out a new design and is looking for some hero's to accompany him on a trip south.
Pirates have been spotted in the waters east of Tilla
A vile sorceress is hunting nomads near Tilla.
The dead have risen, all of the past deceased buried in a graveyard on the outskirts of Tilla, have started to rise.  Some believe this is a harmful omen of the end times.
A local entrepreneur is looking for people to help scout the mountain ranges for a suitable mine.

The Forests Of Armta

North of Crek Lake lay the forests of Armta.  The forest is densely wooded with evergreen trees.  There are a few path's throughout, some of which may lead north to the lands unknown.  Within the forest is an ancient ruin of an old city.  Getting to it has proved a lot more difficult however.  Prior to the fall of the ancient civilizations of Elves, Dwarves and Halfings, this city was a hub for magical and intelligent thought & study.  The ruins were once known as "Efharion, the city of light".  It has now been over run by "things that go bump in the night".  A very dangerous place.

Deep within the forest it is said that grey humanoids have built a large dwelling within the trees.  Although no one has had communications with these beings outright, there have been rumors of them.  They appear to be about five feet tall with large oval shaped heads, grey in colour, large black eye sockets.

Gang's of bandits and thieves hide out within the forest.  A few local citizens have setup small mining operations near the borders of the forest.

Encounter Table 

1.  Wild Boar
2.  Black Bear
3.  Giant Hawk
4.  Antelope
5.  Wolf
6.  Grizzly Bear

Adventure Seeds
A expedition has been set to find the lost city of light "Efharion", a local lord near Crek lake is paying handsome sums of gold for any information on the exact location of the city.
The forest is alive!  Bushes attempt to strangle you, people loose their whereabouts and get turned around.
A local farm girl was abducted in the middle of the night, there was no trail whatsoever to follow.  The farm is located just south of the forest of Armta.
A evil sage who lives in a tower near the borders of the forest has been amassing large animals.  As to what he is doing no one knows.  It is said that the borders of the tower are protected magically.
The forest is haunted, I've seen armies of ghosts moving throughout it at night. 
A local gang of thieves have been hitting caravan's near the borders of the forest, a price has been put on their heads.
Raider's from the forests have burned crops & killed off local farmers, it appears they were in search of something
A mine within the forest has been over run by a group of foul creatures! 
The most curious thing I've ever seen!  A large walking construct came out of the forest, turned around and smashed its way back in.  It was 9 feet tall!
A local priest needs ingredients to cure a rampant flu.  All of which are located within the forest of Armta.

The Isle Of Tunga
Located east of the city of Yahleui is the Isle Of Tunga.  Within the isle is the small city of Tunga, which houses the descendants of the city of Yahleui.  They are in fact sister cities.  The monarchy of Tunga sent out missionaries, tradesmen & merchants to work the land to the west, Crimhuck.  Years ago the crown was usurped by the Merchant's guild's within Yahleui, and they have since ruled the city.  That being said, there is still strong trade between the two cities.

The current monarch of Tunga, Uchdryd Llwellyn The 3rd would like to reestablish Tungan rule within Yahleui.  Rumours have circled that he is in talks with the 
Harr-Gar of Tilla and the Gandalah from the Frozen.  A possible war is on the horizon. 

The isle is made up of mostly swamp land, very few if any vicious predators still remain on the Island, having been hunted to extinction years ago. 

The current Tunga army is in tattered remains of its former self.  Having just finished defending itself from occupiers to the south. 

Tunga is known as a very smart city, there are university's and higher learning institution's dotting the city.  Certain taverns in the wealthier parts of the city play host to philosophical evenings where Sages discuss and debate the merits of pretty much anything.

The city is decadent.  Most citizen's live lavishly, some off the profits of trade missions, other's from illegal activities.  The use of narcotics and the trade of which has increased ten fold in the last few years.  Brothels, bathhouses, and general house's of ill repute can be found on most street corners.

It is said that beneath the isle of Tunga is a huge underworld of tunnels & treasure.  The ancients had meetings with some of the races from under Tunga.  Word has been past on since that has went from rumour to legend.  No one nowaday's is entirely sure if this is in fact just a rumour, or that it is true.  The northern half of the island, is not well charted, as most of the population lives in and around the city of Tunga.  If I was a foolhardy adventurer I'd start there.  (just saying). 

The Crimhuck Bestiary 

Ice Witch

No. Enc:                  1
Alignment:                Chaotic
Movement:               120’ (40’)
Armour Class:            2
Hit Dice:                  6
Attacks:                   2 (Icy Blast)    
Damage:                  1d4/1d4
Save:                      MU6
Morale:                    10
XP:                         570

Ice witches are young women from the North that have taken a vow to the Evil gods, in return for their power they must sacrifice men to appease their Gods.  Ice witches are quite beautiful, with young supple skin, charismatic features.  They normally have white hair, and intensely blue eyes.  Any man in the general vicinity of an Ice Witch must save vs spell, or be charmed for 1d4 rounds by their presence.  Ice Witches have been granted the power of an Icy Blast, which they can cast at will throughout the day.  Heroes can attempt a saving throw vs spell to half the damage of the Icy Blast (Roll 2d4 damage then divide in half).  Ice Witches have access to levels 1 – 3 of Magic User spells and can cast as a sixth level magic user. (2-1st level spells, 2-2nd level spells, 2-3rd level spells per day). 

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