Thursday, June 6, 2019

Expect more from 3 Toadstools

I finally got a new to me Mac last night.  Inquiring minds its a Apple iMac 21.5" Intel i5 2.5GHz Quad Core, 8GB Ram.  I've been wanting some kinda Mac for years, especially after spending so much time in the recording studio with them.  Whilst all computers are great nowadays, I must admit that playing with this thing inspires creativity, and that is great! Hopefully everything works out, I tend to take a REALLY long time deciding on anything, and more often than not just delay any kinda of purchase.  Part of the reason is that certain things I've bought over the years haven't worked out that well. 

Anyways, on the docket of shit I'm gonna get done: 

  • Layout project called "Mythic Journey's" 
  • Finish the mewe hex.
  • A compilation of 3 toadstools adventures, in 6x9 rewritten for Blueholme and with some better descriptions (yup I'm taking a lot of what Bryce and age of dusk have said to heart and going back to do an edit on things).  Obviously everyone wonderful person who has purchased the previously released pdfs thank you so very much!  This has been in the back of my mind for a long time.  And really it's mostly just for me to have a book on my desk that says "hey I fucking wrote this!".  This has been a ongoing project for me, and hopefully i can get it done! So I can finally sleep well at night haha.
  • With the ability to add music from spotify to anchor casts, I think I'm going to do a blues podcast soon.  My initial thoughts are once a week, and maybe a half hour type show.  After doing a bit of research, you can use spotify tracks, but only host on anchor.  My guess is because of royatly issues with producers you cannot port the tracks over to itunes and the other distribution areas that anchor allows.  Which honestly is totally fine.  It'd just be some fun.  I have far too much slightly useless information in the back of my brain about blues music, and the history of audio recording anyways.  
  • Oh and now I'll be able to actually run a game online and play online without a pile of trouble and a sore back! 
  • I downloaded a version of "Pro Tools First" which is wonderful.  It's 16 tracks (which is honestly perfect.  If you need more than that you need to re think your recording/arrangement IMHO).  One thing that I really enjoyed especially when I had hard day in the studio was to plugin my guitar and jam along with drum tracks or actual songs.   It made me a better player.  So I'll be doing that more often in the evenings.  
  • Convert our dvd & music collection to run on a kodi. 
  • Probably more Gilligan's Isle podcast frequency.
  • Who knows what else will happen! I'm fucking excited I'll tell you that.


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    1. So excited! I spent the evening tweaking and downloading stuff. WOoo!

  2. Wow. I just happened to click on this.

    I am so happy for you. This is awesome!

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    1. On it! Spent the morning doing a pile of stuff!

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