Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Nifty OSR Products August 18

 Some of these are new, and some of them I found whilst doing a deep dive.  

The Pool Below

A group of three teenagers disappeared recently. They all recently came of age, and the town guards merely assume they ran off to seek fame and fortune. The parents of the missing children are skeptical, and fear something more sinister has happened.

Additionally, the deacon of an old, burned out temple devoted to magic and portents is hiding a secret. Even though the temple is assumed to be defunct, an evil priest named Shukan is operating out of a secret chamber located in the temple’s basement. Shukan has connected a magical portal to the temple’s baptismal pool, turning the font into a gateway to hell and terror.

Requires Old-School Essentials. Old-School Essentials is a trademark of Necrotic Gnome. The trademark and Old-School Essentials logo are used with permission of Necrotic Gnome, under license.



From the creator of the Thought Eater podcast and blog comes the 12v12 RPG!

-D12s only!

-Fun to play!

-Intuitive rules and quick character creation have you playing in minutes!

-Easily adaptable to any setting or genre!

-Doubles as an SRD; create and sell your own products for free!

Check out Froth's blog here 


Lightspeed RPG

There’s a lot of dead space in the night sky, where nothing changes. Life, however, pops up in the most unexpected places. Across all of the great galaxy Regnum, civilizations have risen up in search of knowledge, power, and wealth. Though the darkness is cold and the voyage is long, starships of every shape and size streak through the void, always on the way to bigger and better things. Adventure finds its place in every dark alley, bustling port, and glimmering tower in Regnum. The heroes, villains, and opportunists who stumble upon it have a tendency to become great and terrible, and that is where your story begins.


Nutmeg in the dark

Nutmeg in the Dark is a standalone adventure written in Knave, though any OSR system will work.

Something has happened to the northern mountain pass, those who have survived to  return reported the smell of nutmeg before their party was ambushed in the dark.

The town guard is raising a party to go clear the pass. He enters the local tavern to conscript all the patrons, PCs will be generated from this group. (I thought this was an interesting use of the you meet in a tavern trope.) When PCs die they come out of the citizen pool. 9 characters, The guard, the players and NPC citizen soldiers, are active to fight, the rest hang out in back, waiting their turn to join when someone dies.



PINKHACK, put simply, is my personal collection of houserules put forth for (mis)use and cannibalization. I named it “PINKHACK” because it is a melange of Christian Mehrstam’s Whitehack and Chris McDowall’s Into the Odd (which is red), but also mostly because I very much like the color pink. The rules presented here are mere suggestions; there are no permissions granted or withheld, only inspirations. Everyone uses the system they are most comfortable with, anyways.



When I was a kid growing up with the first generation of personal computers, we played a LOT of shareware games.  As time went on we started attempting to create our own games using programming languages like ZZT , and re skinning Wolfenstein.  There was also an adventure game maker that we found that allowed us to create games similar to Sierra's Kingsquest etc.  

Latetly I've been doing a bit of research to find reasonably easy programs for creating Mac based games.  Just an idea I've had kicking around for when its get super duper cold out here and boredom sets in.  

In doing some basic research I stumbled upon GB Studio, which basically allows you to create Gameboy style games with a WSIYWIG editor.  NEAT! There are 4 games that you can test out (and play online if you like!) 

Which has lead my down a rabbit hole, attempt to combine Gardens Of Ynn with a Zelda style game. 

Yeah... I'm biting off more than I can chew.   But hey HERE'S TO TRYING NEW THINGS! 

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Nifty OSR products August 5th

I figured it was probably a good time to start promoting neat things I find on drivethrurpg.  I am always quite happy when I find a cool thing that's PWYW or free, so I'll try and stick to those types of things.  

White Box FMAG Referee Sheets

This is super duper handy! 

This are reference sheets meant to be used with White Box FMAG. The various tables and some of the rules from White Box FMAG have been arranged to fit into four A4-sized portrait pages which can be used either as printed pages at the table or as inserts for a customizable GM screen.

Also included is a two page version where the 4-page A4-sized portrait version are placed two-to-a-page in landscape.


Commercial Map Pack 1

This map pack include / Ce pack de cartes comtient:

  • 1 small village / 1 petit village
  • 2 dungeon levels that can be connected together or both as stand alone / 2 niveaux de donjon qui peuvent être connectés ou utilisés de façon indépendante.

For personal and commercial use / Pour usage personel et commercial

If you use one of the map in a commercial product, please give me credit for the map and send me a message (see the link to my website) so I can discover the excellent product you will create!

Si vous utilisez l'une des cartes de façon commerciale, merci de me donner le crédit pour celle-ci et svp envoyez moi un message (voir le lien vers mon site web) afin que je puisse découvrir l'excellent produit que vous allez créer!

Download include: 1 Zip file (16 JPG files)


The Village of Penrath

Created by Jean-Claude ''Raznag'' Tremblay (@tremblay.j)

This map contain the village of Penrath and some description.  It also contain some adventure hooks.

For personal use only. 

If you are interested in a commercial use of this product, feel free to contact me.

Download include: 1 Zip file (1 PDF & 3 JPG files)


The World of Artrusia

“The World of Artrusia has seen much happen in its long history. Many legends have been told by ancient bards, through countless poems and sagas. These provide reminders of the long past before the arrival of the Lords of the Void (also called the Lords of Beyond ), their expulsion, and the birth of science, which even today transforms the world.Two hundred years after the expulsion of the Lords of the Void and the dawn of the era of reason, the rise of science of machines and the advent of mass industry, the world has undergone radical changes. Railroads, analytical devices, medicines and metallurgy have reached levels never seen before. The discovery of Aerolite as the main form of fuel brought changes to the sport of racing in our world."


UNCONQUERED - Free Artless Edition

You hold in your hands UNCONQUERED, a role-playing game. In it, one player takes on the role of Chronicler and presents a world full of peril and wonder; the others take on the role of Travelers, who describe how their characters act and react within that world. We play to find out where drama and dice may lead us.


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Seven months of isle of dread comes to a hiatus

 We've just finished up a dungeon on the Isle and have decided to switch DMs for a bit.  If we don't get back to the game, I'm quite happy with the results so far and my appetite has been sated. Onto a different game! This time I intend to do a bit more prep and likely run a hexcrawl with swords and wizardry whitebox fmag.

In the meantime we are going to play 5e in ravinca which should be interesting. I decided to play a basic forgetful wizard.

I'm unsure as to whether we will record our games. If we do I'll likely post em as podcasts on my anchor site.

While camping this past week I started consolidation of some ideas I've had. I created a few character classes and wrote up a bit more backstory for the world and them.  I'd like to get back to the gygax challenge and complete it, with a few extra additions. Shooting for about 64 pages.  I've decided to make time in the mornings to work on it. Even if it's 15 minutes.

Anyway that's enough of an update for now, back to relaxing. Smoking ribs today. 

Friday, July 16, 2021

Actual Play Podcast

The other night we recorded our game.  We are on session 11 of Isle Of Dread using basic fantasy.  Both PCs are level 5 currently, one is a human thief, the other a dwarven cleric.  They have 2 hireling NPCs with them, Zarot a Chimpanzee MU and Royan a human fighter.  This session is the 2nd part of the PCs wandering around the Lakeside Temple from Monkey Isle  (Basic fantasy adventure module).  

You can listen here:

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

One Page Dungeon Entry 2021

I've been kicking myself the last few years for not having submitted to the one page dungeon contest.  I finally got off my duff and got it done!  I made the map using (which is my new favourite resource!).  If you are going to submit you have till the end of July.  

Next up is trying to complete the Prince Of Nothing's NO Art punk contest.  I am hoping to use a bunch of the 1e tables and make it very typical of a 1e game.  I'll likely use OSRIC for the ruleset (and probably hock a bunch of fonts).  I guess homage territory? lol.  If you are going to submit you have till the end of August.  I'm going camping for a week, so I'm bringing my 1e dmg and a pencil & notebook.   

Here's the dungeon download. 

Monday, July 12, 2021

Little update

 A long time ago I pondered the idea of running a open table mega dungeon.  I still may do that at some point.  Likely toee.   I've been really enjoying the looseness of the isle of dread games, we get together once a week for 2 hours.  Not a huge commitment, and if something gets in the way that's fine.  The isle is good for dropins! Thus far I haven't felt I needed more.  Although the gamer add hankering is always in the back of my mind.  

Summer always puts a hitch in the giddyup of gaming.  Currently on a hiatus from the Thursday game with Matt & co. The last few weeks of isle have been hit and miss as well.  The nice thing is when winter rolls around, I'd prefer to be in he basement gaming, summer is a different story. Typically in Manitoba, Canada we get basically three months of warm weather.  So it's preferable to enjoy as much as you can.

After isle we may jump back into 5e for a bit.  Likely I'll run adventures from the greyhawk adventures 2e boxed set.  Basic rules likely.

With my upcoming vacation, I'm going to spend sometime rereading the boxed set and possibly the core 2e books.

I've finished draft 1 of the one page dungeon contest,  hopefully I can tie that up before the deadline! End of July.

I started princes no art punk dungeon, but am having trouble getting it completed.  As is the case I'll likely wait to the last second.

Well I better get my butt to work!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Session 8 octopus!

 When last we left our heroes they were at the tip of a peninsula in search of statues and gold! They left royan and ramses with boat and made there way up a giant rock face.  They quickly found large steps,  tripped a trip wire that sent a large boulder hurtling down upon them.  

They managed to get a bit hurt, but pressed on and found more steps.  This time they were cautious.   After some toiling they made it to the summit.   Where they found a large stone statue.  Instead of sneaking or using a ring of invisibility they just walked up to the monster , which then took a swing at them.  

They destroyed the gargoyle and found some treasure. The gods blessed the Cleric with a better mace.   Just when they thought they were in the clear they heard another stone winged creature on the way.

They quickly finished off the second gargoyle and went back towards the boat, searching the rest of the area. 

In the bushes they spot movement,  and approach. They meet a humanoid chimpanzee carrying a magical staff.  He's curious and oblivious of his surroundings. Always In search of parsley! He is from a small village, although he doesn't remember where!

The pcs decide to camp for the night and then navigate around the pensuila to a spot further north.

Late into the first day they are beset by tentacles from the deep.  A giant squid!

They managed to row to safety, and decide to stay close to the shore not venturing into deep water again.

They came for the night.