Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Thanks to Goblin's Henchman & Age Of Dusk for turning my Monday around.

I'm currently working on my last recording project, and it's already taking a toll on me.  Friday we went to about 12:30 am, and as usual I need to "come down" after a session.  I ended up going to bed at 1:30 am.  Last night was the exact same thing.  I have 2 more night to go and then I'll probably curl up and die thursday/friday.  I have to admit, it's a bit of a melon collie situation.  It is also very freeing.  

Onto cool RPG stuff.  

First off, I got home yesterday after what can only be described as "monday!" hahaha.  I was feeling a bit bagged, and down.  I opened the mail and VIOLA! I got a super cool thing from Goblin's Henchman in the mail.  (If I'm not mistaken he lives in the UK).  The fact that I'm friends with and talk to people all over the world because of the OSR astounds me on a daily basis.  It's so much fun! 

What I received was "Carapace" a procedural dungeon based around a giant ant colony!  Super cool.  I can't wait to read it. I'm thinking that combining this and my Antoomuns thing (which I should really finish) would make for a cool campaign.  

An adventure into a Giant Ant colony with 3 different procedural methods to make/navigate the labyrinth like maze. 

The procedural methods have been applied to the exploration of a maze-like giant insect colony. That said, these methods could easily be retrofitted to any maze-like setup, e.g. patchwork of islets in the Bonesuck Swamp, glades in an impenetrable wood, goblins caves, an overland trade route, an archipelago of mysterious islands in a pirate romp, or rooms in an abandoned space station.

I also got a really excellent review from Age Of Dusk, that totally made my evening! You can read the review here

In the review he mentions that there are a few spelling errors, which I was curious about.  When I write, I use the "Queen's English", so things like "flavor" vs "flavour" might come up.  I was curious if that was the issue, or if I had used the improper use of "Their, There, They're" etc.  As I've been known to do that.  Upon reflection, the troll in the dungeon is pretty deadly (which is mentioned in the review).  In my comment I talked about the troll, but instead of writing troll my tablet auto corrected to "trolley", which lead to a hillarious idea.  Of course this makes me want to write an adventure with a trolley like Gringots in Harry Potter.  That would be a fun map to draw! 

(See screenshot)

Quoting Age of Dusk: 

There is a random table with atmospheric effects.

8) Wallowing Moan.

It is good stuff. The demonic elements remind me of Deadly Power, like a haunted house or a campy horror flick. That’s what Dnd needs more of. Quick and easy dungeons and campy Satan.

Shane Ward. Consider yourself redeemed. Thank you for sending this to me. 6.5 out of 10.

WOO! This was great, and a well thought out review.  You can also read the review of "Mad God's Jest" right here. 

Just a quick note.  Reading any kind of review will usually give you a bit of fire to keep going.  Reading a positive review even more so!  I feel asleep last night thinking about settings, and this idea I've had rolling around in my head for awhile.  The last thing I watched on youtube was this, which also helped cement a few things.  Can't wait till lunch so I can start doing some writing. 

Thanks Goblins Henchman & Age Of Dusk! 

Monday, January 14, 2019



1.  Loose a few teeth from a bar fight.
2.  Win 1d6 x 10 SP at cards.
3.  Spend an evening with a paramour, robbed in the night.  Loose 1d6
x 10 GP or equivalent merchandise.
4.  Win a treasure map.
5.  Wake up in jail, sentenced to 2 days hard labour.
6.  Win a small animal familiar.
7.  Screaming headache from grog, loose 1 constitution for 1d6 days.
8.  The "soup of the day" has given you really bad diarrhea.  Spend
1d6 days in bed.
9.  Apparently you were so drunk you decided to regale the bar with
tall tales.  You were tipped 30 SPs
10.  You arm is broken from a arm wrestling match that went sideways.
Loose -2 Strength for 1 month.
11.  You won a very large egg, it seems warm to the touch.
12.  Your leg really hurts when you wake up, you realize that you got
a tattoo! Gain one point of Charisma for 1d6 days (due to your great
13.  Winnings from a excellent game of dice include:  a pair of worn
shoes, a silver dagger and a large framed canvas (worth 15 GPs)
14.  You've got a new follower/henchmen (whose a bit annoying, asking
lots of questions).  They have pledged their life service to you (plus
a few gold pieces here and there).
15.  Stuffed in your britches are 2 scrolls (bless and cure light wounds).
16.  There's a note on your pillow, apparently you bought a round for
the bar.  You owe 150 GPs to the barkeep.
17.  Awful bed bug infestation! Loose 1 Constitution for 1d6 days.
18.  There are 3 full bottles of expensive wine in your backpack
(worth 5 GP each).
19.  You have a "writ of residence", it appears you won a small cabin
in the woods from some unlucky gambler.
20.  A ticket for taxes owing on public drunkenness, you owe 15 SPs to
the local magistrate.
21.  Winnings include: A 3 stringed badly damaged lute, 1 jewel worth
200 GPs and a pair of decent wool socks.
22.  You are know the proud owner of a donkey  named "Shillelagh"
23.  Pounding headache and stomach ache.  Loose 1d6 days with a
massive hangover.  Plus 50 SPs.
24.  There is a large gold 2 handed sword propped up against your door
(+3 against evil).
25.  You wake up in jail, you can't remember what you did, but you
know it was bad.  There's blood all over your hands.  Loose 1d6 days
awaiting trial.  Fined 300 GPs.
26.  The god's of luck were on your side, and you made out like a
bandit.  There's a treasure chest in your room filled with:  500 GPs,
250 SPs, and 1d10 jewels worth 100 SPs each.
27.  You pissed off the local authorities so bad, that you were
evicted from town.  You wake up under a tree, badly bitten by bugs
while you slept.  Loose 1 CON and 1 CHA for 1d6 days.
28.  There's a rose on your bed, and a note "Thank you very much, I'll
see you at the church at 9 am".  It's 8:30 am.  It appears you
proposed marriage.
29.  Lost one finger playing "knives" and 40 GPs.
30.  One of your party members was kidnapped, a ransom note explains
to bring 400 GPs to a out of the way place, there is a map detailing
the location.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The world I want to play in

Eventually I'll run Greyhawk and Mystara (both of which I've talked at length).  However what is on my mind today, is world building.  Specifically the world I want to play in.  To quote Uncle Matt "Whatever D&D you play, imagine the hell out of it!".

The other day I posted on mewe about how I'm bored with the typical D&D troupes, damsels in distress, wizards in towers, etc.  And even monsters, being the same old same old. One thing I came up with is in a post apocalyptic world, what if there was a death knight in it from the pre apocalypse?  What would that be like? Maybe the knight was a mad surgeon, living during the era of pre nuclear war.  They did crazy experiments in their home on dead tissue.  What if somehow the knight figured out a way to cheat death, well... I mean cheat and become undead? What if it remembers everything that happened in the pre era?

The idea of the "dying earth" campaign intrigues me.  Maybe it's not outright, like destroyed buildings, barren wastelands, mutant creatures etc.  What if its a fantasy world, but there are these little bits and pieces of the past the crop up from time to time? I read a great blog post a few days ago, the combined Thundarr the barbarian, He-Man and a bunch of other great cartoons and references into a campaign world.  (and for the love of whatever multiverse god that is listening, I can't find the link!)

BIG THANKS TO Jorge Jaramillo
Here's the link

For me, I tend to start world building with the typical 1.  Build a village 2. surrounding area  3.  create a dungeon  4.  Give the players a reason.

However, what I really enjoy lately is flipping thru a monster manual.  Usually something catches my eye, and I start thinking of ways to incorporate the monster in the world.  Normally I'm drawn to monsters that I haven't used but really want to.  Things like Chimera, Gorgons, Hydras.

So the world I am imaging (this is coles notes).

*  The nuclear war happened, destroying a LOT of the world. 5000 years ago.
*  The world grew back (plants, animals, etc).  3000 years ago.
*  Humans survived.
*  New races were created.
*  Magic was unleashed upon the world.  But not typical D&D magic.  Pact magic, and Godly magic that requires sacrifice and time.
*  The demi human races (halfling, elves, dwarves) have been slowly dying off.  1000 years ago.
*  Present day, the are tribes of human kind slowly rebuilding.  It is not technically medieval, but the beginnings of Medieval.  At least from a technological stand point.
*  Small settlements are being built, and the land is being explored.
*  Barbarian raiders run amok across the land.
*  Some technology has made its way into the hands of the inhabitants.  The rest is buried (lazer swords, guns etc)
*  There are a few religions, most of the devout despise other religions.
*  There is a reasonably good chance that demons walk the earth.
*  And aliens
*  There is no "great old one".

This is probably what Crimhuck was meant to be.
Basically it's Swords & Sorcery, with a bit of tech, and dying earth and greek mythology thrown in for good measure.  And of course some Conan "Hour of the dragon"

I know it's a bunch of ADD as is typical.

For the most part, I'd like the PCs to come from "places unknown" or far off lands.  Their boat lands on the shores of a new world.

And all hell breaks loose. 

Photo credit: https://digitalcomicmuseum.com/index.php?dlid=11233

Monday, January 7, 2019

So basically I've been a bit busy.

Pardon the rambling.

Just latetly I wrote an adventure for Matt Jackson.  He has a series of Barrow mounds that he is populating.  

The one I did was called "The Grey Acolyte" and it's just been released.  Here:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/23784003

The setup:
The Grey Acolyte was burned long ago as a heretic.  He preached that the world would change, the gods would fade and the land would rot.  After he was burned, his carcass was thrown into a makeshift grave to be forgotten about.  Rumours exist the he was buried with ancient religious texts, and the wealth he accumulated from worshippers.  The wealth was thought to be tainted.

Just a quick note, It's friggin deadly! The rules are B/X Essentials.

I intend to do a few more of these. I like them because most of the maps don't have a pile of rooms in them. It allows for some major creativity!

Matt gave me a crazy shout out, which was very nice:
The always awesome @Shane Ward mentioned in his latest AnchorCast that he wrote an amazing adventure for me and I have failed to share it with the world! So Happy New Year all, and enjoy a most excellent adventure written by the awesome Shane Ward!

In other news, I'm almost finished the layout project for D-oom publishing.  Should have it completed tonight.  Then onto a NEW layout project.  A heartbreaker house rules project.  Woo! I'm excited about that.

In other other news, I created a group on mewe called "the lab". The gist of which is a place to bounce ideas off of people, push each other to complete things, possibly collab when needed.  If you are interested it's here:  https://mewe.com/group/5c3125b6ff70c83347de4e84

My intention was a place to bounce writing ideas off of each other. I remember when I first started on gplus and there was so much fun stuff happening, conversations would quickly turn into fun gameable stuff. Later on FB the "FY DIY rpg group" did some fun stuff as well.

Oh and I recorded a podcast on the weekend:  https://anchor.fm/gilligans-isle-of-add

On a personal note, I'm desperately trying to not bite my nails this year.  So far so good.   3 days.  Oh and I really want to learn how to spell "unfortunately" correctly this year.

Monday, December 31, 2018

The typical year end post

Hey folks!

This year was a weird one. I didn't release much of anything as far as quantity is concerned. I spent a good six months working on the "return of the blue baron".  Which left me very tired.

I've slowly in the last few weeks regained a bit of inspiration. I wrote a barrow mound for Matt jackson, which was fun. I'm hoping to do at least one more.

I'm currently working on a layout project for d-oom products, which has been a lot of fun. Lay out work is right up my alley.

Now that I've finally figured out how to make a pod using lulu, I may try and revise (rewrite) all the three toadstools stuff. Time will tell on that.

Gaming wise, I intend to quit my 5e group, as the game is really not for me. Nothing against anyone in the group, I just don't like the mechanics.

I've been invited to a bunch of osr games online, and am hoping to get off my duff and play.

Dming wise, I got nothing at this point. I'd like to run blackmarsh with swords and wizardry white box at some point.

Writing wise, I just want to do more of it. Head down and write.

I've got a few half cooked ideas, that I'd like to finish and put up on the blog as downloads. My mutant future idea for one. The more I think about it, the more it's a "hey here's a thing", rather than a here's a paid for thing. If that makes sense?

There have been a few rumours flying about the demise of blogger.com if that happens I'll move somewhere else, no biggie.

Anyways, I know this is melancholy, but I hope to get a few things done this year.


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Watcha watching? OSR Actual play youtube channels

While shows like "Critical Roll" and others are at the top of a lot of people's playlists, I figured I'd do a quick post on more OSR centric shows.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my post over at mewe.

Drunks & Dragons:  https://geeklyinc.com/category/drunks-and-dragons/
Drunks and Dragons is an award-winning actual-play, comedy podcast using Dungeons and Dragons as a framework for creating a (mostly) improvised narrative.

Drunks and Dragons has been releasing weekly since November of 2012, and has built a considerable fanbase for a completely independant podcast. As of December 2017, DnD has an estimated 70,000 unique monthly listeners world wide, and over 600,000 monthly downloads. DnD has even spawned an annual convention.

Red Dice Diarieshttps://reddicediaries.com/osr/rose-of-westhaven-season-2/
For the second season of our Rose of Westhaven Midderlands campaign we decided to re-focus the game and settled on the idea of a group of church sponsored monster hunters. The game timeline has moved forward ten years, there is a new King on the throne and–against a resurgence of pagan cults and practices–the Church of Westhaven sponsors hunters to try and restore order to the Havenlands.

Jason Hobbshttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzcmLPbm3yPW7OxHMcIhPEA
Jason runs a online game called Kalmatta, including a international version with our favourite anchorite Mr. Colin Green. I'll have to double check with Jason on what system he runs.

God Emperor Leto II: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnp1_dV3ViQ-VNGWqAsRUEA
Jeff runs super fun games (I've been a player in a few sessions).  His games run the gamut of Blueholme, TMNT, Survive This!, DP&D and MYFRAOG.

Antonio Bravohttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCubqY8gBVdp3Ps5HOJPy6EQ/videos
Just one session on this channel so far, but it's a great Lab Lord game!

Okumarts Games: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdFWQAMO01HMmhJqq_hvP5w
Super fun stuff, with lots of minis and great production.  Check it out.

Uncle Matts D&D Studiohttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwQ6cSVDLklOoQ8VSMsxp5Q
If you haven't heard of Uncle Matt you maybe living under a rock.  He runs some old school swords & wizardry and 5e.  The heroes of Jordoba

Foreign Beggars (DCC Show): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaRXEKxuV5h2PipbpxJcCRE82I_wIzDE3

If you have some fav's please post in the comments below.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Tonight! is layout city

I've been working on a layout project for a friend of mine (which I've talked about on and off the past few months).  The gist of which was "I can't figure scribus" etc.  I'm using openoffice for this, and it allows me to embed fonts properly.  Anyways, as I've been slowly procrastinating, this evening I'm going to get down to business!

Last week I wrote up a fairly deadly adventure for Matt Jackson's Barrow mounds.  You can get more info here: https://www.patreon.com/msjackson

After doing a quick proof on Matt's adventure, I was filled with inspiration.  So I started writing.  Which was nice, as I've been in a back and forth slump for a bit.  I have a few maps to draw, and one to redraw for it.  The premise is simple "go get rid of the bandits".

Here's some screen shots.

It'll probably be stated out with S&W I think.  Just for ease of use.

There was a few shane-isms in the first draft that I'm going to have to go and deal with.  But for a creative spurt I'm happy.

It probably won't up being any kinda release other than "here! here's a download, have fun".  Which IMHO I really enjoy doing.  Hopefully I'll get it done by Christmas.  First up though, is finishing out the layout project.  As it is 6x9 I've been looking for inspiration in RPG books.  I've settled on basically looking at anything lotfp I can get my hands on and B/X Essentials.

Wish me luck!