Friday, August 3, 2018

Temporary Hiatus

The 3 Toadstools will be on Temporary Hiatus for the next few weeks.  The owner intends to try and hunt down a few Dragons, and those damn bandits that have been bothering the northern road out of town.

In the meantime here's a few things:

You can catch up on my podcasts here.

If you haven't already done so, go and grab a FREE copy of rotbb here.

You can also read a review of Gathox Vertical Slum Quake Alley here.

The master's hoard review here.

DP&D review here.

Here's a FREE map *goto town and create a dungeon.

And here are two free tables.  One and Two

Keep those dice rollin! I know I will.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Day 2 - DIY30

As usual I had a few ideas on my walk to work.

Notes on "The City Of Glass":  The city is a large circle with a huge glass bubble that surrounds it.  The bubble not only protects the citizens, but allows for climate control as the Venusians prefer more Oxygen and heavier gravity than the rest of the planet can provide.  The city is a centre of learning.  As well the main export is the "alien metal" mine below the earth.  There is a small section in the southeastern section of the city called the "Papple" which is set aside for non Venusians.

(Obviously I'm still fleshing this out)

HEX:  The Bean Forest:  One of many similar forests, filled with giant (30 feet tall) green bean stocks.  There are animal trails throughout this hex.  Within is a colony of O'thugs living in a small enclosure built up in the beans (about 20 feet up).  There are 1d6 O'Thug guards keeping watch on the enclosure.

O'thugs, this creature stands 7 feet tall, it is vaguely humanoid with 2 legs and 4 large arms.  The O'thugs are not the most intelligent creatures.  They gather in smaller colonies (2d20), ussually found in large fissures or caves.  They are vicious and will raid encampments for supplies.  In combat they will use all four arms to swing at enemies. 
AC 7  HD 4d6  Att: 4 Damage 1d6/1d6/1d6/1d6 Strength +2 XP 125


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

DAY 1 - DIY30

My hope is to slowly world build. My guess will be that I won't fill in every single item on the list a day. As noted from yesterday's post I won't be around for the next few weeks, but hey it's a start!

Bocchoris: Bocchoris is the seventh son of the Pharaoh of the Venusian city of Glass. Bocchoris is the main General in the army of the Pharaoh, and he is tasked with keeping the city safe from incursion & siege. While Bocchoris does not stand a chance to become Pharaoh, he does have the city and ruler's best interest at heart. He is a tough negotiator and tactician.

Base Station 12: This long forgotten outpost has remained abandoned. At one time it was the twelfth human settlement on Venus. The base station has slowly sunk into a large pit over the years, making it difficult to access. Enterprising PCs may find high quality gear and treasures within.

A group of 1d6+2 Grey humanoids are digging in the ground with large metallic construction equipment.  If questioned, they will reveal that they are looking for a lost set of historical tapes.  

The Observatory: The highest point in the Venusian city of Glass. At the top of the educational authority sits a rounded glass room. The Observatory allows a 360 degree view of the city and outlying areas.

Liopider: A liopider is a frightening cross between a Lion & a large spider. A native of the Venusian landscape, this predatory animal hunts in packs. The visage of the Liopider is that of the front torso being a Lion, and the back and rear torso of a giant black spider. However the animals face contains thousands of unblinking eyes. The liopider has the ability to spin large webs, and will also hunt on the ground, attempting to sneak up on its prey. It is immune to poision, and can secrete a venom that will cause paralysis.
No Enc: 1d6 AC: 4 HD 4 ATT: Claw/Claw/Bite DMG 1d6/1d/6/1d3* Save vs paralysis

Affect Gravity: When this spell is cast, the gravity in a 30 foot radius becomes either heavier or lighter (depending on the whim of the caster) for 4 rounds.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Dan D came up with this idea (well this years version, I believe Beloche started it last year).  Essentially I think its a way to get back into writing, whatever path that takes.  As you can see by the image "got multiple projects? work on them".  So simply put, try daily to write something.  Now if one needs some structure, they could take the 30 days of August (err 31) and basically run down this list 3 times plus one.  I'm sure it's entirely up to you if you want to post this on your blog daily, or perhaps record anchor episodes for it. 

I doubt that my A.D.D. would allow me to spend a month on each thing.  Possibly? but likely not.  I think I will do this creative thing, rather than do the whole #rpgaday thing (which I normally do in one blast).

I have so many god darn things half written, this should allow me a chance to focus on at least one of them, or possibly switch between them all. 

I should note however, that the 3 Toadstools will be shut down for 2 weeks while I am away on vacation.  I'll be out in the bush camping, with no access to wifi (and I won't be bringing a device anyways).  I am however bringing a large notebook, a bunch of hex and graph paper.  I intend to write something! Don't worry about me I'm fine, I'll just not be around.

My list of unfinished projects are as follows: 
Mutant Future Campaign Set in Canada.
Somewhere in space
A otherworldly hexcrawl
A small hexcrawl with slaves, a lizard king and intrigue. (kinda S&S)
A wuxia campaign for my old school players

I obviously have a ton of shit that I've started and not completed.

Monday, July 30, 2018

The Master's Hoard - A Review

Publisher Blurb:
A System Neutral Collection of 22 Magic items
Hopefully most of the items are fairly original and are often accompanied by a quirk or two!

A grabbed a copy of "The Master's Hoard" a little while ago, but hadn't had a chance to read it until now.  The author Goblin's Henchmen I've done a lot of work with over the last few years, he's contributed rooms to the blue baron series, and he made a very cool version of "Dusty Door" using an excel spreadsheet.  (see video and channel here).  While you are at it watch a bunch more of the modules he's been working on! Super handy stuff.  The book is 26 pages including the OGL.  It is however a slightly weird size 8.27 x 11.69 (I chalk this up to Mac software, it seems to do weird shit like this, and sometimes I have trouble printing it) 

Alright, onto the review.  First things first, I gotta write up a better blurb for him.  The pdf contains 22 system neutral magic items (although I would refer to them as artifacts I think, because they seem to me more of a one of a kind type of thing).  The premise of the book is that the author has been given each one of these items to detail for his master, thru working with the items he/she has discovered the powers that they can wield.  I should note that while this is system neutral it is decidedly OSR D&D feel to some of the mechanics.  That being said some simple conversions to other systems would be fairly straight forward (mentions of dice mechanics & damage as an example). example the "troll jawbone axe" does d8+4 damage, however if you were running say Advanced Fighting Fantasy you could treat it as a large weapon/monster damage.  Alternatively if playing Holmes or S&W you could just rule it as 2d6 damage.  Once again, not that big of a deal.

One of the super cool things about this supplement is that its setup up so that each magic item is on an individual page, which allows a GM to make hand outs for players.  Provided you play a game that the PCs are allowed to know what a magic items does (in some cases GMs like to not let people know outright what a magical item does, but only thru trial and error find out).  

Each magic item has a wonderful digitally drawn image, done in Goblin Henchmens awesome style.  

Further I really enjoy a lot of the names of these items "hosiery of ten steps", "Globe of Futures Forestalled", "bottle of misadventure".  Good stuff, beats the crap out of "+2 magical potion of giant strength" doesn't it! 

I would be very curious to see exactly where this Master's hideout is, and besides these wonderful magical items, what exactly would be in store for the PCs if they dared to enter it! 

I really dig a lot of these items, and would probably use more than a few of them in a campaign.  A lot of the items have interesting mechanical things associated with them.  example "Blade of blinking" allows a user to blink (teleport) when an adversary is hit.  Mechanic:  The 'blink location' is indexed to the weapon damage roll (see below). Where multiple dice are used for weapon damage (e.g. 3D6), then only the lowest die roll of the set is used to determine the 'blink location':
• 1 Rolled - user blinks, but ends up front and center of the target (no advantage gained by the user or target);
• 2 or 3 Rolled - user blinks to the side/flank of the target (next attack is: +1 to hit target; and -1 for the target to hit user);

Note: I purposely left out +4 so you have to go and read the rest of the cool magic items. 

The Master's Hoard is FREE.  Get it here


Friday, July 27, 2018

Free Map Friday July 27/18

Here you go!  I managed to do a bit of airbrush by accident on the main map, so there won't be a BW version of this.  FYI this was done entirely in gimp.  And it's CC! So go ahead and use it in an adventure.  

This map by Shane Ward (3 Toadstools Publishing) are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License. Inquiries about permissions beyond the scope of this license should be made by contacting Shane Ward

Thursday, July 26, 2018

A little update on things

Alright so I finally got my proof for "the return of the blue baron".  It looks fantastic! It actually didn't take as long as I thought it would.  I was figuring that it might be a few weeks, with all of the border issues we have been having.

If at some point, there's  a little extra things written for the baron, I'll put it up as an addendum download on drivethrurpg.  I know this kinda of stuff happens when working on creative things.  I excellent example of this is (and honestly don't hate me for it):  When Nickelback finished "Silver Side Up", they had finished the whole recording, and mixing etc.  The day after everything was complete the legend goes that, that was the day Chad wrote "how you remind me".  Obviously there's no way of knowing what the impact of the record would be without that song, but with it the band skyrocketed.

Note, you can order a print copy from createspace here.  And the FREE pdf here

I am officially done with this project (as far as my part of it is concerned).  It's actually a really big weight off my shoulders.  Having this proof in my hands, has given me a new wonderful feeling and the kick in the ass that I needed.  I have a pile of projects that I've been slowly working on and I think it's about time to start getting them done! I've been drawing a lot more maps latetly, and I actually started working on one digitally in GIMP, which I have to say is weird, but interesting.  Honestly more testing needed.

I should note, that we would be more than enthusiastic to get a review of rotbb, we would be over the moon! If you do, please use the hashtag #rotbb and thank you thank you!

If this works out, I will put the map up on the blog under CC, for anyone to use.  And "those damn goblins", I honestly don't know, the line just popped into my head while I was doodling.  This map should be done hopefully by friday.  (free map friday perhaps?).

Here's the unboxing video.  When I got the package I was crazy excited, but I thought "K I think what could be fun is to make my wife do it".  Unfortunately, she got tied up in traffic and I was on pins and damn needles waiting for her. 

TONIGHT! I get to play "Twig" in a actual play of the blue baron part 2.  You can watch us live here. A little info about Twig:   not the strongest, or the smartest, or even the wisest, although twig could probably stomach anything. In fact, twig may even bet people.

I've got vacation coming up very soon, so don't worry about me I'll just be unplugged for a little while. (2 weeks of camping!)

I am very much enjoying podcasting (which is partially why there's been a lack of blog posts the last little while).  If you are interested come join us on Anchor! Here is a detailed list of OSR types doing their shows.

I noticed the #rpgaday2018 is starting soon.  As usual I think I'll do one shot blog post on the whole thing.

Alright that's about all the rambling I can do today.