Thursday, August 22, 2019

Nifty things (1000th post)

A month or so back I thought I'd hit 1000 posts on 3 Toadstools.  I made a mistake, as I was looking at my drafts and my posts.  This one is the actual 1000th.  Which seriously amazes me.

Nifty Things! 

It appears there is a 2nd edition, 2nd printing of Sword & Spell.  There are three books, and the first one is free. 

Sword & Spell is a replication of the timeless Original Edition fantasy adventure game published in 1974, with incorporation of material from its wargame predecessor.

Simplify your gaming experience and return to the days when referees rued the day when player skill and wit overcame their every challenge. Play one of six different character-types to delve dungeons, fight dragons, and with some skill and luck, return victorious with riches and magic items.

There are three separate pdfs.

Book 1 - Might & Magic
Book 2 - Monsters & Treasure
Book 3 - Underworld & Wilderness Adventures 

DIY Monster Manual 
This 141-page book provides a collection of B&W monster illustrations with space for you to fill in your own stats and details for your favorite "Old School" system and create your own Monster Manual.

Included is also an area to create random encounter charts and random treasure charts!

Not free, but not expensive.  Get it here.

200 Dark Fantasy Odd Situations
10 pages of odd situations for a total of 200 items
Split into 10 emblematic locations (forest, temple, sanatorium, city, ruins, ...)
Most are not combat oriented, but who knows ...
These odd situations are perfect to entertain your players during long travels or exploration without throwing at them only random combat encounters.

They also can be useful to make your world feel alive with events or characters unrelated to player characters or their quest !

Not free but not expensive, get it here.


This book contains treasure tables for 1st Edition Dungeons and Dragons divided into 10 levels.  Free

Easy to read layout.

THIS DEFIANT EARTH—1950s Sci-Fi Roleplaying: Players' Guide
This isn't really OSR, but looks cool.  Just reading the preview, it looked right up my alley.  Plus the art is pretty bad ass.  Apparently this was a kickstarter that took awhile to complete.  

THIS DEFIANT EARTH is a rules-lite roleplaying game set in a universe inspired by the popular imagination of the 1950s: an Atomic Age dreamscape as envisioned by television, cheap paperback novels, comic books, and above all, movies. In this world, the American Dream is alive and well, but threatened by monsters from the deep recesses of the Earth, alien flying saucers, and sinister foreign agents pledged to destabilize the American way of life with super-advanced technology. Players take on the roles of America’s noble defenders in these thrilling but dangerous times! It’s up to you to stop the horde of gargantuan ants before they establish a colony in the heart of New York City. It’s up to you to thwart the sinister plans of Kro-Gar, the conqueror from space. You will test-pilot rockets, fight monsters, challenge unknown landscapes, and make the world safe for freedom and democracy. You will stand a champion of THIS DEFIANT EARTH!

This players' guide version of the game includes all you need to get started playing the game, including ready-to-use monsters!

THIS DEFIANT EARTH is based on the same Lucky 6 System driving the Urban Knights and Fear Response games (also available from DriveThruRPG). A number of 6-sided dice are required for play.

You can get it here.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Different Gatekeepers

One time playing strahd, a guard was quite nearsighted. Anytime someone would come to the gate he would yell "who goes there". Typically when you get to a town gate, someone talks and then hopefully we all get in. This case we all had to talk our way thru, and if we spoke to each other out of character the guard would reply. It was some good dming.

That said, human guards are boring. In Port blacksand, Lord azzur has hired ogres as gate guards. Orcs fill it the ranks of the city guard.

Here's a few different guards

1.  A sluggish giant leaning against the wall, his club blocks the gate.
2.  A chain of five skeletons, the centre one has a magic mouth spell.
3.  The actual gate is a wood golem.
4.  A talking wyvern (which is always hungry), it needs to sniff all the bags for food.
5.  A large cat, who sun's itself and bathes.  Scratches behind the ear, will get it to move. Alternatively some kind of red dot illusion.
6.  A gnome who insists that anyone wishing to enter must beat it at a game of cards.
7.  The gate is a giant maw, it spits acid.  The wall is a living thing.  Or at least it seems that way.
8.  A talking barrel, that will only open the gate, provided that all weapons go into the barrel.
9.  An old orc with short term memory loss. He will forget the reasons for entry request, whether or not the toll has been paid.  Unfortunately he is the only guard.
10.  There is no gate, only a length of rope. Whenever anyone attempts to climb it, it will lower the person back to the ground. To circumvent this, the rope must be tied into knots every few feet.
11.  There are two gates, in front of the main wood gate is a large stone archway. Anyone passing thru of evil alignment will not be allowed to gain access. (or good, if it's that kinda town).
12.  Two horses stand on opposite sides of the entrance. They are hooked up to large ropes. They will not budge unless fed delicious apples. There is a tree nearby, however the fruit is very high off the ground.


Sunday, August 11, 2019

The OSR rolls saves at +20

There's been a few discussions latetly about the OSR being dead.

A bit of it has been because of the latest controversy (there's a controversy once a week damn it!) regarding lotfp's Gencon catalog image. (Note if you really like reading shit slinging search osr on twitter  EGAD!).  I don't intend to get into that discussion, other than noting that this is probably the cause of the latest "OSR BEING DEAD".

It's not dead.  I doubt it will die.

It's really splintered.  My personal thought on the splintering is that it's honestly not a bad thing.  Erik does a really good job of explaining everything in the above podcast link.  I think what is happening, has happened and will continue to happen is that people are going to go out create, play games, etc within their own little community.  And that my friends is perfectly cool.

Every single time some shit storm happens, there are a lot of people who say "why do we have to fight? can't we just play elf games".  A perfectly acceptable suggestion, although sometimes it's taken the wrong way. The response can be  "No, politics needs to be discussed in community places".

I think that the OSR (other than the labelled marketing version) is always going to exist.  Every time some new person picks up Labyrinth Lord, Basic Fantasy, Blueholme, etc it leads them down the rabbit hole of the OGL and everything that goes along with it.  This newbie might decide to write little adventures at home, run them for their friends, create a zine, publish something!  This is good.  This is what will continue to keep it going.

While I'm active in the community (sorta), my real osr is the fact that I can take these old dusty rules, fuck em up to suit my tastes, write an adventure for a my friends, drink beer and enjoy gaming.

That's it.

So yes the OSR rolls a +20 on saves. 

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Key NPCs in my isle of dread campaign

In this video Professor Dungeonmanster talks about 3 key NPCs.  After watching this, I decided to look at my Isle Of Dread Campaign.

For the most part I intend to centre all of the major NPCs around the village of Tanora.

Sage:  Ramses's is the ex privateer that has gone with the PCs to the Isle.  He is well versed in numerous areas of expertise (multi class dude, thief and wizard).  The intention is the Ramses will stick around the Village, make friends with the locals, repair the ship, look for merchant marketing opportunities, etc.  He will be the guy they can talk to about the goings on in the village.  As he is a outsider, he may have a better perspective in some cases.  Eventually he may ingratiate himself with the locals and stay long term. 

Contact:  There are going to be a few contacts.
Meeka is a young girl, and the welcoming party when the PCs arrive.  She will know the going's on, and any possible leads for the PCs (as well as Ramses's).  She will remain neutral, however if the PCS threaten the village in someway she will not hesitate to let the authorities know.  Namely Gar.  Meeka is also a guide, and knows a great deal about the area.

Kuna:  Tribal Leader, is against open war and is fighting with “Gar”, wants to create trade with the mainland. She will attempt to keep the peace, but will also try to get the PCs to thwart any of Gar's activities (at least on the down low).


War Leader:  Gar, he wants to fight the other villages, he believes that if the Tanorrans can take over other villages they will be a stronger tribe.

Zombie Master: Hazeem. I haven't quite figured out his purpose and what he will do.

Pirate Captain: A slaver, who raids all of the villages. I'm hoping to have him be an old enemy of Ramses (perhaps Ramses was marroned by him at some point). At some point the Pirate Capn will send in pirates dressed as merchants to scope out the village.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

I need to come up with a better title with cool links

Mythic Times Issue 5

Designed for the Mythic Hero game system this magazine includes a new creature, new spells, a mini-adventure, a new monetary system, a new career, weapons from the combat system expansion, NPC's, things to find in a manor house, expansion on the Laoinshoa world (basic hand drawn map of the City of Valkra), a hero profile, and (of course) the Mythified comic.
Much of what is in here can easily be used or adapted to any fantasy RPG system.
Please show your appreciation for these works by coming back and "buying" them again. Any amount helps!

Who has the balls to confront this dark psychic force?
Cha'alt is the beast of a book (218 pages) I've been working on for the past year. It's a ruined world focusing on a couple of introductory dungeons before getting to the main event - the megadungeon known as The Black Pyramid.
The Black Pyramid is like nothing you've ever seen before. Unique design, purpose, feel, magic items, NPCs, monsters, factions, motives, agendas, strangeness, the works!
There's a decent amount of setting detail besides dungeoncrawling - space opera bar, domed city, mutants, weird ass elves, desert pirates, a city ruled by a gargantuan purple demon-worm, and much more!
Cha'alt is compatible with both old school and 5e D&D purposefully blended for maximum usability. Full disclosure: aside from advantage/disadvantage and bounded accuracy, there isn't much in the way of 5th edition mechanics. It's predominantly OSR.
The interior is gorgeous full-color art, layout, cartography and Lovecraftian aesthetics. Gold ENnie winner Glynn Seal of MonkeyBlood Design went above and beyond his usual fantastic job. Give the new 32 page preview a look. I spared no expense making Cha'alt fantastic - this world is alive and spilling over with possibilities.  Link
Venger wrote about the new release on his blog here:
Also an Ask Me Anything Here:

Battleships Dungeon - A Procedural 'Grid-Crawl' method of making a dungeon using 'Battleships' as a template
*Goblins Henchman strikes again! And this is another cool thing.
Using the Battleships game as a template to procedurally generate a 20 room, 2 level (Grid‑Crawl) dungeon.
Once the method is understood, making a map should take less than 5 minutes.
Possible uses/advantage:
:: Useful for solo gamers.
:: The physical game version might (I presume) be useful for partially sighted gamers, it’s tactile like Braille.
:: I combined with random dungeon dressing (like in my procedural adventure ‘Carapace’), the adventure emerges for the DM and players alike.
:: It takes some of the burden from the DM about having a ‘coherent’ map. The map ‘is what it is’.
:: Mainly, it’s a bit of fun!!
What is this?
More on 'Grid-Crawls' here:
I'm very happy for you to pay nothing for this product; and anything given to me will only be frittered away on RPG-related wares anyway. That said, even a nominal sum like 50 cents seems to bump this thing up the DriveThru charts! Link

September Short Adventures 2 (LabLord)
This looks pretty cool, and it’s pwyw. Lots of short adventures, perfect to toss into any campaign.
A vintage selection of ten short adventures from 2011 intended for use with Labyrinth Lord or any other Basic Era version/edition of the world's Most Popular RPG.  Link

Essentials & Starter Set on sale and hitting amazon.

Looks like you can preorder on Amazon. I haven't checked the canadian version of the site yet. (note: while I think the essentials looks super cool, I have a lot of rule sets and the basic 5e rules do everything i need them to do. That said, just passing this on)

Luminous Bristlemaw
Note: Free cool monster!
The dreaded Luminous Bristlemaw, one of Six Aquatic Terrors we did in support of Gus L's excellent H.M.S. Appollyon project.
This beasty first appeared at our blog on July 4th, 2014. You can search our blog ( by the date, or use the handy search feature to look up "Six Aquatic Terrors" in order to find the original post with the rest of the encounters...if you are so inclined. By all means please do go check out the HMS Appollyon series at Gus L's blog, "Dungeon of Signs," while you're at it...the blog may be inactive, but it remains a treasure trove of incredibly inventive and well-thought-out stuff well worth your time. Link

By the sounds of it Goodman Games is going to start working on B4 The Lost City for their line of re-releases with 5e stats.  I cannot find any blog posts regarding this on their site.  I'm curious to see how this turns out.  I've heard really good things about the Isle Of Dread they did. 
I am sure you can keep your eyes over here: *note they are working on barrier peaks which should be pretty cool! 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Cool things Thursday

Surfing thru OBS this morning and found some cool stuff!

A 'game engine' in the form of a 2D6 19 Hex Flower.
There must be the odd occasion you want to track ‘something’ e.g. a monster, relative to the PC’s location in three dimensions. The PCs might be in an airship or underwater. This Hex Flower is designed to do just that ….

You can read more about this Hex Flower Engine idea here:
I'm very happy for you to pay nothing for this product; and anything given to me will only be frittered away on RPG-related wares anyway. That said, even a nominal sum like 50 cents seems to bump this thing up the DriveThru charts! 

H'Excel Crawler - a random 'hex crawl' map generator using Excel

This Excel widget can generate random ‘hex’ terrain maps.

Randomly generates a 'Hex' map (i.e. squares in a hexagonal array)

Global settings – raise or lower the terrain of the whole map

Regional settings – raise or lower the terrain in a portion of the map
Screen capture mode (‘Snap Map’)

Edit mode – generate a map and tweak it, or build the map from scratch

Customisable random encounter tables
Refresh encounter (but keep the map the same)

In Hex locations, for encounter locations etc. 

The Morose Highlands - Supplement for #ZweihanderRPG

*There seems to be a TON of stuff for Zweihander RPG
Here's a short video on some community created content for Zweihander.


Dark Fantasy Magic is a collection of tables and short essays to inspire the creation of wizards, spells or entire magic systems. You can also use this book to generate characters, spells and magic for stories, comic books, etc. 

The focus is on dark fantasy tropes: flawed heroes, terrible villains, corrupting magic, ominous ruins and damned wastelands.
This is mostly a system-less book, to be used with any game of your choice, but some parts are written with the most popular RPGs in mind (you know, six abilities, hit points, saving throws, etc). It is especially suited for medieval dark fantasy games, such as my own (Dark Fantasy Basic). 

*I did a review about Dark Fantasy here

Grinding Us
Grinding Us is a gruesome OSR module marking the 10th-anniversary of Grinding Gear (2009) and the fifth-anniversary of Forgive Us (2014), both published by Lamentations of the Flame Princess. It has been designed for use with LotFP, but is easily adaptable to other OSR systems.

Monday, July 29, 2019

I had to walk a mile for a vile pile of bile (monday night miserable bastards session 11)

Oh wow was that a fun session. I missed the previous session due to some work commitments. It appears that after today we will be taking a bit of a break until the start of September which is totally cool with me. Anyways here's Skord's take on what happened.

Day 11 in this forsaken forest.
We have entered the northmen's dungeon. Above the door scrawled were the words 

“Only the Hopeless Enter Here”.

(Whoever lives here, has a sick sense of humour.)

We walked down the hallway into the dungeon, and found a room at the end, carefully walking past a pit trap. It appeared there was a fan blade of sorts in the room. It was a circular room, the fan was not turning. Kojack carefully went into the room, sneaking around and checking things out.

Armand went back to check out the pit trap, I slung him down with some rope and spikes. At the bottom appeared to be a few dead bodies. He searched around, but was unable to find any exits from the trap. From the light of my torch, I swore I saw something glint at the bottom. I turned to look up to see how kojack was faring, and I heard a big click! and then a scream.

I hauled up Armand, and went to check on kojack who was being tended to by the cleric Rather. We discussed how to move forward, and decided to attempt to turn the large scary razor circular thing the other way. With a bit of elbow grease we managed to get it to stay in place with another more satisfying click. We shuffled thru the room carefully.

kojack went first into the room beyond, it was very large with hanging rafters, and a set of stone steps. Upon the steps was a stone grotesque creature that was very large.

On the rafters were smaller stone creatures. That crazy dwarf went up to check them out, and decided to putt one off with his warhammer.

Not thinking at first, I thought I'd try and catch it. I quickly realized this thing was heavy! How the hell did that dwarf putt it off the rafters is beyond me. The cleric realized that the stone statue was made from hell stone, literal stone from the abyss.  After that Kojack decided to drink down one of Hugo's special healing potions. I guess those don't always work, because the dwarf cursed at the sky "fuck you hugo!"

We decided to get out of this room, in case we woke anything up! (i.e. fuck that room).

Further down the tunnel, we came upon a room with a set of stairs leading down. Above the stairwell was written.

“hell is empty, all the devils are here” 

(seriously who comes up with this stuff).  

Just as we are deciding what we will do, the floor starts to cave in. We quickly run down the stairs, hearing a loud boom.  

Alright so we maybe trapped down here. Press on. 

We wandered around for a bit, and around one corner this super tall and very ugly green thing is snarling at us. It's holding a 6 foot elephant tusk menacingly. Only a few of us could get close to it for melee, I pulled out my sling and started chucking silver stones at it. One hit and it oozed a pile of bile (I believe green, but it was the heat of the battle so I don't know).

In the middle of the battle our trusty warrior armand fell to the beast, he lay unconscious on the floor, bleeding profusely. Thankfully we were able to kill the beast, but not before it spewed bile from its guts all over armand. Thankfully our trusty cleric Rathgar was able to heal him. Looting thru his body, that dwarf found some more Viz!

We found a very suspect tomb, and decided it wasn't worth walking into. The last room we found (after we found a set of keys to it) contained a dark dwarf. He wanted to talk. (I wanted to kill him). The dwarf took the lead and spoke with him. He brought mysterious tidings, as if he knew we were coming. He asked the dwarf if he was Durbin's brother (a dwarf we met early who guided us to this place. I may wring his neck if we get out of here). He was not related. The dark dwarf pulled on his pipe and shared it with a few of us. It was then we noticed the dark hole in the centre of the room. More word's were exchanged, and we started to grow tired of this guy. Then a low growl emitted from the hole, and something in the deep started to move. I lashed out at the dark dwarf, and he vanished. The floor caved in.......

And that my friends is the end of this tale till September.

Our DM is Mr. Tim Shorts, you can find him here: 
his micro adventures here:

We are playing Old School Essentials. You can get it here: