Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I'm a bit played out

So I've come to the conclusion that I'm a bit "played out".  I've decided to pass the torch of DMing onto a few of the other guys in the group.  Especially after the last epic session.

As far as our 5th edition campaign, I'm a player so its all good.  And I plan to be the player in the old school game for a bit as well.

It's on of those things I guess "over exposure".  I spend a lot of time on webz, and a lot of time reading and immersing myself in all things RPG.  I'm just feeling a bit wacked out.

So moving forward, going to "attempt" to take a brief hiatus.  Atleast from reading G+ threads.   I will probably keep blogging, as to the frequency I guess we will see what happens.

The one and only thing that I'm going to concentrate on is finishing up the editing and layout on the compilation of all of my works to date.  Part of the problem with over exposure is that it kicks my A.D.D. into high gear.  Then I change my plans, then they change again, and yadda.  hahaha.

So I'm not going to be gone, or quiet, or I dunno... I'll be here, I'll just be pulled back a bit.  So I can push myself to get something done.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Just figured out a good twist

I just figured out a great twist for my old school campaign.  The players are currently in an alternate dimension demon lair.  Once they get out of there (if they get out of there, hehehe).  I plan to have time travel backwards a bit.

The players will retain all of their memories.  I am unsure as to wether I will keep them at the same level, or at a previous level.  However, the following is happening.

A horde of hobgoblins have overtaken the north and are on their way to destroy the southern lands, including Elerd's Keep.  They have already demolished an elven stronghold at this point.

Once the players come out thru the planar gate, time will go backwards to prior to the fall of the Elven stronghold.  

I will have to figure out a nifty way to explain this, but this should make for some interesting playing.  Since the players are aware of the impending doom upon the lands, and the way to stop it.  This will give them a bit of time.  As well some choices in the matter.

Couple of interesting news bits. 

*First off if you haven't heard of the Old School Blues Podcast - Here's the link (it's worth a listen) featuring +Erik Tenkar & +Vincent Florio

Apes Victorious - Was released yesterday.  You groggily come back to consciousness after a long cryosleep. Your ship’s warning system is telling you the ship has entered the atmosphere of a planet and is about to crash land under autopilot. Crawling to a seat, you buckle in, joining your fellow astronauts as you quickly check instrument readings.

As well, if you are backer for "The Pyramid Of The Lost King" the art lite pdf has been released.  I have a copy and am currently reading it.  As soon as I have some time I'll post up a brief review and my thoughts on it.  So far, it's pretty bad assed! Lots of great writing and cool maps.   I plan to run this soon.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Murderhobo's T Shirt!

Yup, I went off the deep end and created a funny T-shirt idea!  More to come.  Become a part of the Murderhobo's Guild today!

What could be more fun than showing up to a session with this on, knowing full well you only need 15 XP to level up.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Epic D&D Session last night

Last night, I packed up my new "bag of holding" with everything, got in the car and drove off to one of our players houses to play some Basic Fantasy!  When we last left off the players were in a alternate astral plane, that appeared to be demonic in nature.

Unfortunately I totally forgot the most important thing! The character sheets!

We realized that I had forgot them half way there.  Luckily I had a copy of a B/X reprint that was given to me (thanks Tony!) and I had a trusty copy of Keep on the borderlands.  So I thought, "worse case we play some murderhobos at the keep".  Which I've always wanted to run.

Once we got there we had a brief discussion about it, and it was decided that David would try his hand at GMing for the first time.  He had written a 5 page backstory about a large island with a long dead volcano.  Because he is a philosophy major he started writing this world to basically help him study.  So there's a pile of things in the 5 page document that related to his course.  A bit of it was sprinkled with some High Valyarian as well.

We all rolled up some characters, which seriously took all of 30 minutes for 5 people to create. (God I love old school character building!)

We showed up in this town called FOB (fresh off the boat) as that was basically us, we had been on this boat travelling to this island because we had heard that it was filled with treasure and adventure.  During the evening of our first stay most of the town burnt down because of some bridgands.  We decided to talk with some of the townsfolk, and got an idea of where the bridgands had went.  Instead of chasing them down however, we made it to the capital.  Or atleast that was the plan.  The capital was on the other side of the volcano.

During the night we heard a scream, and went and investigated.  We came across some stirges attacking a fairly androgynous person.   My character had rolled a 3 for dex.  I decided to sling a stone at the stirges.  So with my attack bonus and a -3 modifier to a ranged attack, I was running at -2 basically on my rolls.  Entertaining!

We helped out the person, who turned out to be some kind of crazy myrage!  Then went to bed.

Next day, we are travelling to the capital and run into a pack of goblins!  Now I forgot to mention that we had decided to help out a lady who owned an orphanage, she was transporting 17 kids to the capital.

The goblins wanted to eat the kids.  I decided to pay them off.  25 GPs.  There was a bit of a discussion about possibly firing arrows at them as they walked away.

Alright we make it to the capital.  Turns out there are 5 kings within the capital, all descendants of the original inhabitants of the kingdom.  (The knight, farmer, and 3 more... basically like houses).  The way the city is run is thru a process of voting between the 5 kings.  However one of the kings is deposed or dead, and an heir hasn't been found that meets the correct requirements!  Plot twist!

We then met with the religious order in the city of Moardron.  (which the island is also named after).  The person we met had a major stutter, which was interesting.  They were quite happy that we saved the children.

A few more plot lines & adventure hooks developed, and then we left it there for the night.  The DM took home the character sheets and the maps I drew while playing.  (I sat and drew up the city, the ruined village and a cave complex map for him while playing!)

I have to say David did a fucking amazing job for being put on the spot.  He did everything off the cuff like a great DM! Awesome! 

Side note:  I grabbed my copy of Mutant Future back and spent sometime reading it last night.  I have a copy of Famine At Far-go that I plan to run soon.  So my basic fantasy campaign is going to take a back burner.  Which we discussed a bit, I basically said that I had originally thought it was going to be a one shot and was a bit ill prepared to continue the campaign as it stands.  I think what is going to happen is that Kurt is going to finish up the campaign I started, we are going to run with Davids new campaign and I'm going to run some Mutant future.  So we have more than enough games to play at this point.  WOO! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Statistical probabilities

I'm not good at math, not at all.  I used to however be not to bad at basic programming back in the day.  (I'm wondering if there's some kind of download nowadays?).  The random thought that appeared in my head the other day was:  Wouldn't it be cool to build a program to run mock battles?

Inherently D&D is a bit about math and Statistical probabilities, however numbers are a lot less fun than actually rolling dice and acting like a drunk dwarf right!

Here's what I was thinking however, If there was a way to build a program with the following:
*4 heroes with all stats, at whatever level you pick.
*the ability to input bad guy stats
*the ability to run a battle just from a statistical standpoint.

The reason for this is quite simple, when designing an adventure the designer will usually state "This is for EX amount of players of EX level".   Now in order to determine that you're going to have to run the numbers.  When I've written adventures I've play tested them, and I've actually sat and ran mock battles on paper, with a pile of dice rolling.  However having a computer program that could do it for you would be super handy.  (Although a little less fun).

Alright on to less boring things. 

Tonight old school D&D, I have yet to write up a play report for last time, but it wasn't the most exciting session.  The gist is the players wandered around a alternate plane of existence.  To which they mistakenly fell in.  I'm going to have to check over the players notes tonight before we start.  As well I'm going to try and print the basic fantasy GM screen.  Eventually when I get a bit of time, I'd like to consolidate that GM screen and make it portrait instead of landscape.  And then paperclip it to my old gamma world screen, or my dragon strike screen.

After this evening, the players should hopefully be out of the demonic dungeon they are currently trapped in.  Then depending on where they go next I have a few things written up, including a possible big battle.  I need to take 4 sheets of graph paper and create a bit of a basic battle map, atleast as far as where everything is located.  The players have been sent on a mission to destroy a supply line of the Hobgoblin hoard.  Below is a terrible picture of what the general area looks like.  I had made a bit of a mistake, by making the encounters in the dungeon a bit easier (hence the above Statistical probabilities thing), but I think tonight I'll throw some of the bad guys back in there.  Cuz I'm an ass like that.

 There is a pile of hobgoblins & goblin minions about.  In the supply area is a lot of rations, and various armour, weapons etc.  The cabin is a makeshift prison.  To the right is the edge of a forest.  In the tower are battle plans and mage locked in the tallest section.

While I've been enjoying this campaign, I'd really like to try something a bit different.  In the next month or so the PC's should probably wrap up most of it.  After that, they may follow the lead to the Isle of dread that I gave them, or we might start something new.  I've been really itching to play Mutant Future.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pray I don't alter the deal again!

I was thinking about the scene in Star Wars where Vader is talking to Lando about Han Solo, and the deal they had.  Of course being a bad guy Vader alters the deal.  Which got me to thinking about RPG's and how to handle the "deal", with the Heroes.

Of course the best bet is to not always be completely straight forward with the PCs.  Not only does this make for an interesting NPC. But it also can lead to more quests, and maybe a showdown at some point.

d12 Deal Altering For NPCs

1.  The NPC offers double of what was originally agreed upon.
2.  The NPC offers half of what was originally agreed upon.
3.  The NPC decides that the work the PC's have done was insubstantial and refuses to pay anything.
4.  The NPC wants more, sends the PC's on a second quest.
5.  The NPC acts like he/she has never met the PCs.
6.  The NPC decides that the PC's are lying about their true intentions.
7.  The NPC believes that the PC's acquired some materials via illegal activities.
8.  The NPC tells the PCs that they brought the wrong thing.  (regardless of whether its right or not).
9.  The NPC tells the PC's that item/quest in question was a mistake, and that it is no longer needed.
10.  The NPC wants to keep one of the PC's hostage and sends the rest on a different quest, that maybe related.
11.  The NPC should not have sent the PC's on the quest, he/she has no authority to do so.
12.  The NPC thinks the PC's are lying.  He/She alters the deal, and refuses to pay more.

d10 NPC Traits 

1.  Liar
2.  Grumpy
3.  Inquisitive
4.  Annoyed
5.  Mellon Collie
6.  Mute
7.  Partially deaf (the PC's are going to have to yell)
8.  Genuinely happy about nothing.
9.  Gambler
10.  Clinically insane

d6 Extended quests

1.  Find a matching item (whether it was an original quest, or a new one)
2.  Delay a merchant caravan
3.  Discover a lost tribe/monster
4.  Re populate a dungeon with monsters
5.  Destroy a local tavern
6.  Find a lost warrior

d10 names of evil npcs

1.  Raygar The Unclean
2.  Cassandra The Witty
3.  Berogart The Whimsical
4.  Galandy Gavenstick
5.  Prince Perfa Pompel
6.  Master Anthra Dema
7.  Sir Constant The Defender
8.  Wise Ol' Angela
9.  The Bard Of The Forgotten Hills
10.  Briene Of The Riverside Moon

Note:  For some majorly stupid reason, I originally stated the Vader was talking to Boba, the internets have pointed out that I am in fact a moron.  I do not intend to share this post with my Star Wars loving Wife for fear of the spanking that I may in fact receive.  As well when I was first thinking about this, I had the robot chicken version of "Altering the deal" in my head.  Which includes Lando.  Had I actually watched the above video, I may have caught my mistake.  Next time MORE COFFEE! 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

#freemapfriday October 7/2016

These maps by Shane Ward (3 Toadstools Publishing) are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License. Inquiries about permissions beyond the scope of this license should be made by contacting Shane Ward