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We've partnered with D-oom products to help spread more awareness of the awesome OSR content that is out there.  D-oom is a small publisher from Finland that creates adventures, supplements and materials for the OSR community.

Visit D-oom on the web - http://cryptofrabies.blogspot.fi/p/d-oom-store.html


Dragon Union - an addendum for the fantasy roleplaying game


Dragon Union is an addendum for the fantasy roleplaying game of basic rules and its OSR relatives.
Originally basement published by the author Nestori Lehtonen, now published in English by D-oom Products.
What is Dragon Union?
Dragon Union is an optional way (of the Dragon) to play your favourite oldschool fantasy roleplaying game. It contains ideas how characters are played and how characters interact with the game and each other.
It also tells the Gamemaster how to run a Dragon Union game as the LORD.
These rules also contain meta information on different situations, for example how monsters want to deal with different classes in a party.
You'll get...
  • New rules how character roles (classes) are given for the players
  • Rules for confrontation
  • Monster behavior in combat situations
  • Meta and in-game rules for all seven basic classes, including alternative Elf magic
  • Fun to read text with cool ideas

Fields of Forsaken

FIELDS OF FORSAKEN is a supplement for any horror-themed roleplaying game.

The night before the morning I wrote this, I had a dream. In that dream, I wrote this pamphlet. The result here is as close to one in my dream as possible. I had to write it in one sitting, not to let the dream fade away...
The pdf here is pay-what-you-want. If you want to get a basement print version of it, email me, and I'll send you one. Price: 4€ + postage.

Temple Of Greed


Within the Temple of Greed avaricious adventurers will find no monsters, but tricks, traps, and treasure.

Are they greedy enough to take the challenge and salvage the now-forgotten treasure? Or do they die trying?

Temple of greed is a dungeon module for old-school rule sets but easily compatible with any game. Also incudes new Cleric class variant for OSR type games by Edward Lockhart

Mead & Mayhem Booklet Edition


This is a SPECIAL BOOKLET edition of the pay-what-you-want Mead & Mayhem PDF replacing it! Text is edited and fixed and layout is changed from A4 to 6"x9" and there is more [Public domain] art. Boxes and some pictures in full color! Now also print-on-demand.
Mead & Mayhem is a tavern fight supplement compatible with most old-school fantasy roleplaying games. Within this product you'll find:
  • use for your big lump of thirty sided awesome (D30)
  • simple alternative fist fight damage system
  • D30 table of 40 entries for tavern and pub fights
  • things might escalate to chaos and mayhem
Next time your players start to have their own fun in a local tavern open this PDF and see what happens...
"Here is a sample of how one such fight goes down:

Things kick off when some rowdy dwarves smash up a barrel of beer to fill their flagons, resulting in the floor becoming slippery. Punches begin the fly as people slide into each other. Suddenly, a group of adventurers burst out of the wine cellar (which I guess is attached to a dungeon). They enter the melee, already in murderhobo-mode.  As the brawl gets more and more out of control, someone begins shouting out accusations of theft and assault at the tavern's owner, adding paranoia to the mix of heated emotions. Seizing on the opportunity, members of the local thieves' guild begin to nick the coin purses of anyone distracted by the bar fight. And finally, as if summoned by the drunken brawl, a coven of witches dance nude on the tavern's roof, drawing a crowd to the building."
-Rob Monroe
Designed OSR in mind but we think this can easily be used with any system as an idea source.