A collection of awesome created by the good folks at the FY DIY RPG community.

What this group is:
This is a group for getting together and creating RPG stuff. It is an incubator for RPG material - and by that I mean stories, rules, random tables, seeds, those things that launch us into avenues new and old with renewed creativity and awesomeness. We are specifically aimed at creating shared and shareable RPG resources. We are a community that creates together and springboards ideas off each other.
What this group isn't:

This isn't a place to promote commercial materials. This isn't a place to argue about designs (you can say "here's how I would do that...." but be constructive and CREATE). This isn't a place for making RPG terrain and props (because those are personal, not shared resources).
1. Don't be a jerk.
2. No blatant self-promotion of your products, podcasts, website, etc.
3. This is for DIY collaborations on RPG stuff - your own or others. The "Do it Yourself" ethos is key here - the heartblood of the DIY RPG scene is zines, one-page mini-products, and funky things thrown together because you thought it would be awesome and that will be even more awesome if more people can use it to springboard their creativity.
4. While the vast majority of DIY RPG stuff is generally DIY D&D material, it doesn't mean we are a D&D only group. DIY Traveller, DIY WoD, you name it. Make something cool and odd-ball, or come up with an idea for something cool, and throw it at the wall and see if it sticks!
5. For DIY terrain and cool props, check out DM Scotty's group. Generally we are aiming for rules and art related awesomeness here, not wicked dungeon-crafts.
6. Don't post anything that isn't directly involved in some DIY awesomeness, and remember rules 1 & 2 again.
The FY DIY RPG Community has produced a number of finalized PDFs of awesome stuff since we started - they can be found in the files section of the group.

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