Olde House Rules

Here are a few wonderful products by Olde House Rules.  Here is an interview with James George designer of P&P. 

Pits & Perils 
Pits & Perils is an "original" old-school role-playing game.  One modeled after the numerous war games-turned-fantasy RPG campaigns that proliferated during the early 1970s.  Back then, it was crappy little rule books typed in someone's basement.  Well, those days are back!

Extremely simple mechanics (perhaps the simplest ever) that can be tailored to nearly any situation.  Most of what the players do is decision-making, exploration, and role-playing.  The rules don't even try to do this for you.  And you know what? They shouldn't! GET IT HERE

Diceless Dungeons 
It's Diceless Dungeons!  An old-school, digest-sized game without the bones...

You see, every old-school system has a diceless game inside of it, because they emphasize decision-making, exploration, and role-playing above all else.  And Diceless dungeons obliges with everything you'd expect from this kind of experience.  All the monsters, traps, and treasures. GET IT HERE

Barons of Braunstein
Role-playing began with the Braunstein games of the late 1960s.  These converted war-games emphasized personal interactions and setting over complex rules and excessive mechanics and, now, these rules let you do the following in a world of adventure right from the pages of the history books.  GET IT HERE

Stalkers of the Elder Dark
Stalkers of the Elder Dark is a rules-lite game of cosmic horror set in the pulp era and pitting a motley assortment of academics and artists, criminals and explorers against ancient and powerful things from beyond the Void.  These are complete rules for horrific narratives and include the following in Olde House Rules' style:

Simple, yet detailed, rules for creating and equipping characters suitable to the period and genre...

A unique phobia system where the characters must overcome (or work around) their greatest fears while fighting for their lives.  Worse than dying, they may have to go on living... GET IT HERE.

Blood of Pangea
Remember sword and sorcery?  In the pulp tradition?

Blood of Pangea is a narrative fantasy role-playing game with old-school leanings, which means the best of both worlds.  Herein you'll find:

Rules for sword and sorcery role-playing that come close to letting you "write" your character, just like the pulp authors did - now this is old-school...

Extremely simple, yet richly detailed, rules for doing...EVERYTHING!  GET IT HERE