Tuesday, June 11, 2013

And so begins the Chaotic Caves!

I'm friggin stoked for my RPG session this weekend!  I decided to play some "basic fantasy" , I really liked the D20 mechanic and the total Old Schoolness to the rules.  After checking out a few of there adventure downloads I settled on the "Chaotic Caves" which to a degree is similar to keep on the borderlands, but there is a town, rather than a castle.  Its a very cool module, that leaves lots of room for adding your own things.  For instance tonight I have to name all the town NPCs, kinda cool cuz you can fit this one into anything your playing, with a bit of work.  In the module all the town NPC's are unamed "bartender", "Lord" etc.

Here's the link to download the Chaotic Caves -

Here are the little things I've added so far

1 - A couple of dungeons from "morgansfort" module that's available on , I really liked the Abandoned fort, and the nameless dungeon.

2 - I redrew the hexcrawl map, and added a few things, just basically changed the scenery more to my liking.

3- I'm bringing back the nefarious hermit from keep on the borderlands :) So excited for the PC's to get a taste of him

4 - added a Elven village, that is similar to Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, they live in the tree's etc.

So saturday I'm smoking ribs all day, and then we are playing D&D after we are really stuffed! Should be lots of fun.  Now onto a bit of prep work.

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