Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One Page Dungeon Contest 2014 - Assault On The Thieves Guild - Revised Map

Deep in the sewers of the city, lies the lair of the thief’s guild.  The local lord has put out a bounty (25 GP per thief) on all thieves located in the sewers.  

1.  This is the entrance to the sewer.  There is a ladder coming down from the streets above.  The room is empty

2.  This room reek’s of feces, there is a large pool of black in the corner; above you is a hole where muck pours in.  Investigating the muck you notice it travels down a long rough passage.   (There is a tripwire on both exits from the room that will alert the guard in room 3). 

3.   Guard room.  – There are 6 thief’s guild guards here.  The room is a makeshift armory with various weapons on the walls.   There are a few barrels that hold provisions and rope.  6 Guards AC 7(12) HD1 Weapon 1D8. 

4.  This room is L shaped.  At the back portion of the room is a statue of a vile looking woman (patron saint to thief’s).  Any good aligned character will have to Save VS Spell or be struck by lighting (2D4).  There is treasure in a secret compartment under the statue.  4 Acolyte Priests (1st level Clerics) AC 7(12) HD1 Weapon 1D8.

5.   The room is lined with chests; this is the horde of the thief’s guild.  An ugly looking Minotaur guards it. AC6 (13) HD 6+4 Attack: Head Butt 2D4, Weapon 1D8.  (There are 6 chests, all are trapped, and the Minotaur does not have a key – Total 3000 GP’s, 1000 SP’s, and 10 Various Gems worth 25GP each).

6.   Jail – This room is a jail, it is guarded by 4 thief’s AC 7(12) HD1 Weapon 1D8.  There are 3 jail cells, each with a beggar in them.  If asked they were taken in their sleep, and have been used in weird experiments by the Acolytes.  The room also contains a cell with 3 Guard Wolves AC 7 (12) HD 2+ 2 Bite 1D4

7.  Entertainment Room – This is a makeshift tavern room, there are 10 thieves in the room.  They are all drinking and carrying on.  There are a few dancers in the middle of the room on a stage, and in the corner a few minstrels’ play music. 10 Guards AC 7(12) HD1 Weapon 1D8. 

8.  Audience Hall/Private chamber – This is the throne room of the leader of the Thief’s guild.  There is a bed in the corner; a few bookshelves filled with books, and a treasure chest (locked/trapped 250 GP’s and Ring of silence).  2 guards guard the leader. 2 Guards AC 7(12) HD1 Weapon 1D8.  Ah'Kar (4th Level Thief) AC 6 (13) Attack 1D8.  Ah’kar will try to escape.  He has the keys for room 5. 

9.  The corridor goes down about 30 feet to a large pool of muck.  The corridor is very small, and only a hobbit or a dwarf can get thru.  A quick search of the room will reveal nothing other than the muck pool.  Black Pudding AC 6 (13) HD 10 Attack 3D8

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