Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Return to the Blue Baron's Palace?

It's almost getting to that time of year, when I message a bunch of people and say "let's do a collaborative dungeon!".  Well technically I've only done it once, but it's been on my mind.  Specifically a sequel. 

I had a few rambling ideas about what the sequel could be. (Once again while walking to work, and it was cold! Forced march for about 2 miles..... I dunno how D&D characters do it in the cold).

1.  The court wizard Nhoj inadvertently released a bunch of beasties into the castle.
2.  The blue baron has died, and one of his daughters has taken up the reins. She's cruel, and likes to kidnap random peasants and use them in weird torture games.
3.  The blue baron is well and good, however one of his daughter's has been kidnapped and thrown into a new dungeon.
4.  The crazy Scottish bagpipe playing goblin is going on tour! He needs an escort.
5.  The baron's enemies have had enough of his tax dodging, they have locked him away in the dungeon and have usurped his throne.
6.  The magical library in the basement has become such a major attraction, that the dungeon is filled with all sorts of tourists.  It's time to clean them out, and of course there are a few bad guys in there for good measure, trying to steal relics.
7.   The queen has fallen ill, she needs someone to find rare herbs to help heal her.
8.  Nhoj in his infinite wisdom has decided to hold a spellcasting competition, wizards from the countryside have come to compete.  The prize is 5000 GPs to the winner.

Obviously there's a few of the usual tropes in here.

If you got any ideas I'm more than willing to listen!

As a side note, If I do this again, a hexcrawl would be interesting.  Alternatively if it takes place in the same dungeon, I think I'll do a new map.  And then come up with some random explanation as to how it changed! hahah.

If you don't know about the blue baron you can download it here.

If I wind up doing this again, it'll be in January.

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