Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Update on Greyhawk campaign ideas.

I spent a bunch of time reviewing the pantheon for Greyhawk last night.  Comparing the Fifth edition PHB Gods to the original Greyhawk (well the reddish box), there are a few subtle differences.  A few of the quasigods, or demigods have been raised to greater god status in the phb.  My guess is that they were raised to god status somewhere around the whole 3rd edition? "living greyhawk" setting. 

Anyways, what I did was take the basic "greater gods" from the greyhawk setting and then copied all of the domains and stuff from 5e.  There were a few that were missing, however I managed to create appropriate domains for them. 

I intend to have some kind of a confrontation between St. Cuthbert and Iuz (who are both demigods in my version of the campaign).  As the greater gods, are just well that.  They don't have any real world implications other than the specific domain for clerics. 

Going thru the boxed set, I've made some notes on regions around the Grand Duchy Of Geoff for the players.  Things that they are aware of. 

I'm on the fence about the ruler of Geoff, Owen I.  Rather than him be a typical Good Ruler, Godly king dude, I'm considering making him somewhat of a tyrant, that wants to keep the people of Geoff were they are.  A Tyrant, who is scared of loosing power.  Possibly the uprising of followers of St. Cuthbert may in fact freak him out.  He may possibly make a deal with Iuz (not sure).  Another thing I'm thinking about is the idea that Keoland may considering invading Geoff at some point.  Of course the only way to get there is thru the marshes. 

I'm slowly working on the City of Gorna, using this map maker, and fleshing out a neighborhood for the players.   Which would be the typical things (Armourer, Trader, excellent tavern, etc).

For player backgrounds, I intend to create a random table for each race.  Example


1.  Hornwood
2.  Dim Forest
3.  Village in Geoff
4.  Gorna


Another thing I've been slowly thinking about is factions, and religious orders.  I think the factions in my game may not be the world wide ones (like the harpers in FR), but smaller on a scale of basically factions within the Duchy.  My intention is to basically stick to Geoff for the time being (or at least to a specific level).  Still working on this.

First adventure, after the initial "You are here" session will be the following:

(I stole this from somewhere)

The basic gist is a local rich merchant is retiring and he has bought a old manor that need's to be fixed up.  The manor is located on the outskirts of the Dim forest, near the valley of the mage.  This will hopefully lead the players to the valley (as that's going to be the centre piece of the campaign).

The players will have to clear out the surrounding area of monsters and the like, make friends with some suspicious elves, and probably clear out the manor itself of some bandits that are holed up there.  A intend to drop a few clues about the valley. 

In the mean time I'm going to re-read the post I put up with links regarding point crawls, as that is my intention (and I've never really written one).

Ohkay that was a giant amount of typing diarrhea.

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