Sunday, June 9, 2019

Weird Wayfaring - A crowd sourced hexcrawl

Here's the download.

A fun little collaboration with a bunch of good folks over on mewe.


Welcome to the outlands, beyond civilized society.  The civilizations to the south have outlawed magic, and wiped all monsters off the face of the world.  What lives to the north has survived and thrived. This is a weird place. There is a mixture of the exotic, fantasy, mutants and space themes running thru this hexcrawl.  Please enjoy, modify or run it as is for your players. May the Gods have a bit of mercy on their souls.

Written By: Ivan Sorensen, Shane Ward, Daniel Luce, Scott Malthouse, Vance A, AJ Fritz, Stephen Anderson, Edward Kann, Scott Charlton, Goblin’s Henchman, Graphite Prime, Alistair Langsford, Tito B.A. Michael Kennedy, Matt Jackson, Graphite Prime, James 'Jeshields' Shields, Caleb Collins, Chef En Fueg, Tim Shorts.