Friday, December 6, 2019

The craving will pass

Lately I've been having a hankering to play fifth edition. As many of you know, I suffer from gamer a. d. d.  I am currently running kotb with bx on roll20 and enjoying it. I ve also been plotting a 2e game set in greyhawk, and possibly my ten monster setting.

Recently however I've been reading a few of the fifth edition fantasy adventures produced by, and this has spurred the idea of creating a western marshes style game. Possibly including a few of the adventures from the yawning portal as well.

Despite the fact that I don't really enjoy fifth from a player standpoint, dming it is fun.

Another thing I've been paging thru is the basic dm rules and monsters. The concept of creating an event based adventure, (slash point crawl) has crossed my mind. I sort of enjoy the idea of attempting to build decent challenges within a "story". Achk!  What happened to you shane?

Alas this premise may not come to pass. Just a fleeting thought.

However I haven't been blogging much lately, and this was a few things that have been crossing my mind. Have you had any experience writing an event based adventure for fifth edition? Any pointers perhaps?

As a side note to the rambling, I got together with the Monday night miserable bastards this week, and it was epic (see previous post). It was nice having a full crew.

Alright, I'm off to get people excited for the holidays!


  1. Tell us about your ten monster setting!

  2. give it a go Scott. It's fun