Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A few handy sites for running games

It seems that more than any other time in history we are talking about and playing games online.  I've noticed a few handy apps in the last few days that may be helpful to you and your players. 

Tiny Dungeon allows players to map the dungeon while online.  Handy tip, tell them there starting point! I had this happen once on paper in a IRL game, and the player asked me for a new sheet as he was out of room! 

Basically creates a small room online where everyone can see dice rolls.  

It seems there are a lot of theatre of the mind type games going on in Discord, and these 2 sites are defiantly helpful! 

Obviously roll20 and fantasy grounds are super helpful when running games.  I do have to admit having the roll20 interface that allows me to start adding maps and avatars, and all that jazz actually distracts me a little bit from just running a game.  I'll likely use discord and rolldicewithfriends next time.  And just have them create their characters in google drive or whatever.  I always do that with my games when I play.  Here's skord from Tims Game.

Speaking of Tim's game, Joe & Matt and Tim did a nice wrapup podcast from the year long campaign.  You can listen to it here. 

In Other News
I'm trying to do more writing on Wednesday's.  I'm almost done draft 2 of a Crimhuck adventure.  Should hopefully get that out in the next little while. 

I also started working on this map, which may end up being a campaign setting for my online games.  Its kinda of a mashup of greyhawk, mystara, and allansia.  I think I'll change the font as its not that readable. 

As Eric Bloat says "Show your work". 

So there yah go. 

take it easy kids! 

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