Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Gygax 75 Challenge Week 2? Sorta

I'm a little bit ahead, but that's fine.  What I've been fighting is the endless tweaking that my head wants to do.  I was telling Ray Otus the cool thing about this challenge is for the most part it makes me stay on task, and helps with my a.d.d.  Week 1 do this, don't do anything else etc. 

Anyways, here's a picture of the hex map for the world.  I've been considering the following:

1.)  Keeping this as a test and trying again.
2.)  Colouring it with crayons
3.)  Scanning it first then possibly colouring in gimp.

What I've really been trying to do is go with my gut on this challenge and complete it!

Here's a semi started encounter table:
1.  Chimera flying
2.  Giant lazily napping, likes to play cards.
5.  White rabbit (actual demon
6.  Woman who claims to be a noble (bandit)
7.  Acolyte who spreads "false doom"
8.  a group of farmers bragging about a fresh monster kill
9.  Hazer (human who blinks in and out of existence/plane hopping).  Scared, attacks?
10  Travelling merchanit, exotic wares, must answer questions truthfully
11.  The trickster (leprechaun sorta).
14.  Stampeding magra (cross between rhino/mammoth)
15.  Doppelgänger that is on the fritz, keeps changing shape.
20.  Gold Dragon.

Last night I started thinking about character classes (which maybe a whole in depth blog post).  Even though in the original challenge it stats that you should really have the system in mind before starting the challenge.

What I've slightly come up with is the following:

Instead of race as a class, each race will get some benefits (+ on ability scores, see in the dark).   The actual classes will be Ranger (with access to magic), druid (with access to cleric spells), Warlocks/Witches (magic), Knights (Cleric spells),  Rangers will get the thief skills, and druids and knights will be able to turn undead.  This of course is just a thought at this point.  The other thing I'd like to do is to have a basic table that everyone rolls on when they create their character.  They get one magical ability that they can use once a day for 1d6 rounds.  examples include:  Levitation, Force Push/Pull, Camouflage, Shield +2 AC.  I may borrow a few ideas from Specifically the swanson abilities.

I've yet to decide if I'm going to run b/x or whitebox FMAG.  I will probably mine the crap out of this post:

That's what I got so far.  Probably do a bit of re-writing on the encounter tables this evening.  Tomorrow I'll scan the map and tinker.

damn this is fun!


  1. Are you not a fan of race as class? cos I'd be tempted to lean heavily into for this setting, for example all Rangers are rabbits, all druids are foxes, all are knights badgers, warlocks are owls, witches are ravens, etc.

    It might work for the fairytale vibe. But I'll admit I just like the alliteration of Rabbit Rangers/Ranger Rabbits and the idea of Badger Knights :D

  2. Oh badger knights! Great idea
    I'm totally a fan of race as a class. I'm just trying to work it out in my head that's all. I thought fox rangers, mouse thieves, turtle fighters, not sure druids

  3. Excellent work! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks Ray! And thanks for creating this. It's given me a good swift kick in the creative butt. I will likely post some dungeon stuff but not all of it, as some of my players read this. I'll forward you all of it.