Thursday, November 5, 2020

Step thru the portal

Figured out how to do a fantasy SciFi game last night. First session starts off with a very mediveal setting and basic adventure. At some point the PC's find a very weird portal in the dungeon. They get transported to a new world.

When the PC's finally wake up, they are on a beach with strange trees. 

Making their way to North they stumble upon a village of aliens. The aliens have rudimentary tools, and appear to be a bit lower intelligence. They use large creatures for work. The creatures are a cross between a moth and a cow. 

The adventure area is a overgrown swamp, there's ruined cities, villages and strange flora and fauna. Along with large cracks in the earth. 

Encounters are just as weird. Animals the PC's have never seen before. 

Maybe there is a way home.... 

In the meantime welcome to the Isle of dread. 

Yup that's right.

With a few tweaks you can create an alien world using the Isle as a backbone. The rakasta can be similar to the Martians in John carter. Descriptions of the dinosaurs can be changed easily. You can throw in giant mushrooms if you like. Whatever works. 


  1. Cowmoth Swamp sounds intriguing. We wore out the big map from Secret of Bone Hill: turn the Restonford Road to a blackpeat river and your entire landscape is ready for marsh funnery.

    Session journals requested! Bravo.

    1. Oh absolutely! Speaking of bone hill that's been on my mind for a long time as well. Might be worth another read! I'm slowly working on a homebrew adventure to start with right now. Small village near a ruined city from the apocalypse