Monday, October 3, 2022

New lmop session

 Yesterday we had our first 5e session.  2 new players and 2 veterans.  All under 25, and me over 40.

I gotta say "the kids are alright".

We started off creating characters.   Prior to the session I emailed them all about their background and friendship with gundren rockseeker.

I ended up with a paladin, Warlock, rogue and a cleric.  So 2 technically evil 2 good hahhaa.

First time ever that I've had a player pick more than one god.  The cleric was trying to figure out what God she would follow.  I handed her the phb and pointed to the forgotten realms gods and left her to her own devices.  She ended up being a hippie flower child following a bunch of gods.  Awesome.  She's basically Phoebe from friends.  

We started off in Neverwinter and got on the road after some tavern shenanigans. . The rogue got up in the middle of the night to scope out some thievery.  Rolled to sneak out of the room that he's sharing with the Warlock.  He stepped on every creaky floor board.

The Warlock followed literally right behind the thief all the way to a back alley.  Where they watched two goons load booze in a cart.  The thief realized that the goons were too big to rob and turned around.  He hit his head on the Warlock.  Warlock cast presdigination farted and ran.

The Warlock has the ability to speak to people in their mind.  Which he used often during the meeting at the tavern.  

When he first met them all he just sat down like Aragon in bree.  But he asked them all in their mind if they wanted a drink.

Fast forward they are on the road to phandlin to meet up with their dwarven bro.  They find 2 dead horses in the road.  They cautiously investigate the scene.  Find that one of the horses has gundren symbol on it.

All of a sudden they all get shot with arrows in the ankle and take 1 HP damage.

A fight ensues.  2 goblins get turned to ash from spells. Two more fall by the sword.  2 escape 

The players spend 10 minutes discussing what to do.  I decided the goblins get away into the brambles.

The cleric prays to one of her many gods.  And revives a vision.  Find the halfling on a farm in phandlin.  She decides to follow her god.  The rest of the party wants to track the goblins.  They talk her into tracking them down.

A marching order is decided.  The paladin goes first.

He gets caught on a snare, springs a trap and is hanging 20 feet off the ground.

And that's where we ended it 

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