Who is this guy?

Shane started out playing Fighting Fantasy (TM) books when he was 13.  Around the same time he played his first game of D&D (TM) with his cousin.  Later he started writing his own adventures for the Advanced Fighting Fantasy game (TM) and played many hilarious adventures with his friends.  

Fast forward a few years later, a snowy Christmas morning in Canada, he opened up his first present to find that he was given copies of all the main books for AD&D 2nd Edition (TM).  As he got older he found less time to play games and read books and took a few years of sabbatical from all things RPG.  (Insert sad face).  

As of last year he was asked by his cousin in law to teach him how to play D&D (TM) and his love affair was re-born!  Having never really spent much time on Google +, he decided to check it out and found this HUGE community of these apparent “gronards” that played this game called OSR.  What the heck is that? Check it out on Google + it’s an amazing community of likeminded RPG-er’s (is that a word?) that really dig the early version of the “World’s Most Popular Role Playing Game” (TM).  Shane found all these cool clones of the original set of rules and fell in love with RPG`s all over again!  (Do yourself a favor if you don’t know about the OSR go on and google it). 

Somewhere in the last few months, Shane decided “Hey I should try and write an adventure! And maybe put it up on this site called Drivethrurpg (TM) , “Caverns Of Ugard" was born.  Check it out on it’s free.   

Check out to read Shane’s daily rambling about RPG’s 

Cheers! And keep those dice rolling!  

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