Monday, January 5, 2015

Sneak peak room from the enormity project

Here is another little teaser from the enormity project, feel free to use for your own adventures.

This strange cavern is imbued with a magical blue light.  The walls are smooth and covered in strange old glyphs from floor to ceiling.  In the centre of the room is a stone pool with what appears to be water.  This pool acts as a pool of requirement.  Any Good aligned PC putting their hands into the pool will pull out one of the following.  (This can only be done once per PC).

Roll 1D20

1 Ring Of Protection + 1 (decreases armour class by 1)
2 Gauntlets Of Ogre Power
3 Rope Of Climbing
4 Shield + 1
5 Leather Armour + 1
6 Silver Two Handed Sword +1
7 Wand Of Fear
8 Ring Of Waterwalking
9 Jug Of Ale (Restores 1D6 HP’s)
10 Silver Dagger
11 Standard Rations For 1 Week
12 Plate Mail Armour + 1
13 Silver Sword
14 Potion Of Healing
15 Scroll 1 First Level Spell
16 Blast Shield (Protects against lighting & fire damage, PC receives half damage)
17 Sling + 1
18 Cloak Of Ward Against Undead (when worn fighting undead the PC receives +2 to AC)
19 Magical Lockpicks + 10% when picking locks
20 Spellbook containing 1D6 1st level spells


  1. ok, what about evil ones? you got to up it and put really bad things for evil ones.

    1. Excellent plan Brian! excellent plan. I'll work on it.

    2. Ok, my first response didn't take, so I'm gonna throw out a "shortened" version of it.

      Where's the risk? Where's the cursed items, the helm of alignment changing, or "Brega the Barbarian reaches into the radiant waters of the mysterious pool drawing forth from it a writhing viper!"
      Now this otherwise benign pool of gift giving, just became a question of risk versus reward, and is instantly exciting and a challenge in its own right! If you're going to give valuable magic items away, your PCs will not value them. Inject some danger and suddenly that +1 Ring of Protection, or silver dagger just became a lot more valuable!

    3. That's a great idea J Benjamin! I'll rework it. I was going for a "room of requirement" kinda thing. ala Harry Potter. I'll revamp it so there's a 1 - 6 chance of getting a magical item.

  2. On a similar note, what happens if the PCs attempt to retrieve a second or even third item? Do they pull back a "nub" so to speak? Maybe a nice jolt of electricity?
    Could it be that the pool is in fact the home of some strange kind of amphibious genie? Is this pool a replacement for a treasure chest? If so, the idea of a gift giving "wishing well" could stand on its own merit. What about monsters in the area that might attempt to control this magical font?
    I suppose at the end of the day it all depends on your particular design aesthetic and needs. Just throwing some ideas out there. I'll go crawl back into my "troll hole" now. XD
    Keep it weird.

    1. I'm doing my best to keep it weird! I re-wrote the table so you roll 1D4 first for which column to pick from 1 - Good Stuff 2 Monsters 3 Treasure 4 Bad Stuff. Bad stuff will be cursed things, etc. It started out as a treasure chest, but you pushed me in a better direction. So hopefully what will happen is the first PC will get something good, then the next one will step up. Not quite sure on the Genie, its a good idea. I do like the idea of a electrical blast if you attempt to grab something else. Originally it was written as a treasure chest only, just a funk version of it. I like the way your mind works J. See latest post. your pushing me which is good.

  3. And now I gotta run over to google drive and make some changes lol

    1. I like the table/sub-table (1-Good Stuff 2-Monsters 3-Treasure 4-Bad Stuff), for added depth, and varying effect to keep the players guessing.
      Keep up the good work, and keep it weird. Cheers.