Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Getting back to gaming finally

 My Dad is finally getting taken care of by professionals.  It was a very long ten months.  Now that I have a bit of time to breath, think, sort of relax I've been slowly coming up with some gaming ideas.

I jumped in on my buddy Jeff capes becmi game last Friday, and it was fantastic.  My friend Jeremy from work is playing as well.  He did a great British isles accent thru the game.  I decided to be a extremely talkitive thief, to the point where I barely breathe when speaking.  I'm looking forward to our bi weekly games.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to run ghosts of saltmarsh for my cousin's.  I've decided to fuck it.  We will likely only be playing once a month.  Trying to incorporate a fairly convoluted plot into four hours a month just doesn't seem do able for me.

What I have figured out is something a little bit more "drop in friendly".  The characters are part of a newly formed adventurers guild called the "falkcrest wayfarers league". The patron is a curmudgeonly elf named Hazzar.  He will send them on random 2 to 3 hour missions in the netnir vale.

I may also run this same campaign online for random people on Thursday afternoons, roll20. 

This is a bit easier to manage.

I have found a pile of great free 5e adventures that I'm going to incorporate into this points of light campaign (is points of light trademarked?).

We are going to use the basic 5e rules only or this, and the dawn of war deities.

Should be fun.

I will put up some play reports as time goes on.  It is interesting not having a big bad.  

Further after Jeff's campaign I intend to run a couple of games of gamma world 1e for the group.  I've got a few silly ideas which should be fun.

It's nice to be back after a terrible year.


  1. Glad your situation with your father has been worked out, I know that has been challenging for you. Glad to see you jump back into gaming again!

    1. Thank you Matt. It is very odd that as soon as I got him comfortable and safe I was able to switch on my creativity switch again. I'm happy to follow the muse and see what happens. This

    2. I'm happy he is safe and doing okay