Wednesday, February 27, 2013

D6 Fantasy Project

I had been kicking around the idea of creating a D6 based fantasy game, well it's become a reality.  I have mashed OD&D with AFF (Advanced Fighting Fantasy).  I'm currently working on the rule set, its light rules basically.  After playing D&D with my wife, a lot of the extra rules just got in the way of fun, so I decided to go back to what I started on which was AFF originally.  I have a wonderful collection of board games like "dragonstrike" , "heroes quest" and "dragon quest" of which I'm hoping to find the map layouts for these.  That way I can take some existing adventures and put them on a board.  Dragonstrike in particular came with 4 boards I believe, a Cave, Dungeon, Outside and a Castle!

The next plan is to go thru all of my miniatures that came with the games and create a Bestiary.  the nice folks over at have a HUGE list of all the AFF monsters, so I'm slowly digging thru that.

My only problem so far is finding some decent free images I can use to spice up the game book.  I have no real plans of selling it at this point, but yah never know so I'd rather have free use images.  Obviously if its for my own purposes I could just grab any old image.  I did find one super nifty pic for the front page, which I ended up using.

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