Thursday, May 9, 2013

Adventure Seed

Long ago lived a race of extremely intelligent dwarfs; they toiled in their mines, creating inventions never before seen on the face of the world.  Although Dwarfs still live among the races of man, they differ greatly from the Ancient Dwarfs “The Ackna-mar”.  The Ackna-mar were very rarely seen upon the surface of the world, as they were able to support themselves.  They had acquired special magic’s that allowed them to live longer than average dwarfs, they were not war monger’s, instead spent years in search of the knowledge of the unknown.  All this information was acquired from an old tome, written by a elder elven sage, who had meetings with the Ackna-mar. 

Adventure Seed
You have received a letter on your doorstep from a young wizard by the name of Eron Azizah, within the letter details a strange account that Eron had while searching for ingredients.  Along with the letter was a accompanying map.

“Dear Sirs,

I have heard of your adventuring exploits from afar, your renown as heroes has increased ten fold from when you first graced this land.  I ask you to hear my story, and I hope that it may intrigue you as much as it did me.  First I must preface this letter by giving you a bit of background that I have recently found out.  Along time ago a ancient race of Dwarf’s named the “Ackna-mar” lived within our borders.  More importantly they lived under our borders.  They were a highly intelligent race, and spent much of their time creating new wondrous inventions & tinkering with magic and steel alike.  They Ackna-mar were rarely seen upon the surface world, but they did happen stroll upon its great land when in need of supplies, trading with the Elves mostly.  It has been 1000 years since one of these dark dwarfs has strode upon the surface.  I acquired this knowledge from a old crusty tome I found in a ruin.  This mystery of course perplexed me, what happened to them?

Further, while out hunting for rare magical ingredients I stumbled upon a very interesting site.  An old ruined keep, set against the wall of the mountain.  Within the keep I quickly realized that this was a lost city of the Ackna-mar, I found writings and booklets detailing the history of the Ackna-mar.  The most interesting site that I found however was not a book or an old glyph, but a dwarf himself! Frozen in time.  I tried my best to wake him, but failed miserably.  The ruins have been overrun with monsters and creatures, it became extremely dangerous for me to stay and try to wake the Dwarf. 

I ask you, to travel to this ruin, to try and find out what happened to this ancient race.  Maybe you will have better luck than I did. I offer you no reward, but a chance to write history, and maybe find a few treasures along the way.

Eron Azizah

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