Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Megadungeon plans!

So after going back and forth a bit, I've started working on a major dungeon crawl.  I started my first map, and have since sorta sat down and planned out the whole thing, although I've added a few extra parts here and there.  The basic gist came from the first map, which was actually a test for crosshatching in gimp.  On paper I drew out where the maps all lead, so for example from the original caverns map, there are 3 exits, 1 of which winds it way to a dragon, one goes to a dwarfen settlement, and eventually some dark elves, and the last exist ends up at a old forgotten temple.

As i was drawing it out, lots of things came to me, little ideas and tibbits.  The premise of the whole dungeon crawl is a Wizard looking for ingredients for potions.

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