Monday, September 29, 2014

drivethrurpg question

For all you module designer/publisher types out there.  There is an option when uploading a product to setup a artist royalty rate.  Has anyone ever used this? I would guess that drivethru takes there cut and you either take a % of your earning and give it to the artist on every purchase (automatically) or you set a specific agreed upon dollar amount.

As an artist would you do this?

Its very similar to "points" on a record, when your a record producer.  Sometimes producers are paid a little up front and then "points" which means they get a percentage of sales.  However (not to shoot myself in the foot) most record producers would rather take a lump sum up front and let the artist keep all royalty's unless its a definite hit (which doesn't happen that often).  FRICK! that hurt... shot myself...

Anyways thoughts?

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  1. I pay artists a lump sum. Royalties are a pain in everyone's butt, especially at OSR income rates.