Monday, October 6, 2014

Narcosa Review

Step 1 - Spark your bong 

Step 2 - Put aside any current world your adventuring in, be it FR, Greyhawk, etc

Step 3 - Grab Narcosa -

Step 4 - Grab some cheezies you might have the munchies. 

Product Description

Will you seek your fortune in Hashishastan? Will you gather the silk of the Mindmoth Caterpillar? Is it your destiny to join the Ecstatic Order of the Five Pleasure Plagues? Should you ingest those Troll Poppies?
Enter the weird world of Narcosa, a land of Shroombies, Drug Trance Mages, Purple Pipeweed, and hallucinogens injected via Stirge needles.
Born of a hashtag, emerging like rainbow-hued smoke from the minds of dozens of creators, Narcosa is a crowdsourced setting book for old-school games.

First things first, this was a great idea! As a community I think we need to do more of this, its like "Groupthink", promoting creativity.  The module is entirely crowd-sourced from posts with the hashtag #narcosa on Google +.  Another thing I'd like to point out, is that if you are suffering from any kind of writers block in the future, writing for something like this will help you to get out of your rut right quick!  As an example if you find yourself always writing the same types of scenarios & adventures, have a read thru of this and go and write something for it! I'd suggest hash tagging it #narcosa2 (I am planning on doing this! maybe another one will get released).

The maps of Narcosa & the layout and artwork are fantastic! 

Not to spoil to much, the module is a island adventure setting, there are strange character classes, monsters, random tables, and encounters.  (everything we love)  What separates this from your run of the mill settings is that its entirely based in a slightly intoxicated state.  And by that I mean the reader (and or writer) isn't intoxicated, but the actual setting probably is!

I think where this module will really shine is on those "one off kinda nights".  Fair warning though, I'd read the whole thing before running it!  Think Ravenloft, it might not be something that your going to play every gaming session, but a old friend you can pull out and see what's happening with now and again.  If I ran this I'd probably do the DCC funnel thing and have the players create a few adventurers (aka Meat).  As a starting point adventure, there is one within the module written by Dyson Logos called "The Molds & Slimes Of Vilnid".

Considering this module was entirely crowd sourced it feels very put together & complete.

My only little issues with this (and there aren't that many) would be to have a detailed hex map with numbers tagged to certain events.  Some of the monster stats are only descending or ascending.  Neither of these are any cause for concern and could be easily figured out by a smart DM.  Besides you can't expect everything can you!

Alright put the cheezies down and roll some dice

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