Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Social Media/Publishing, basically "Too soon!".

Recently realized that I've learned my lesson a bit when it comes to social media and publishing.  I'm starting to feel like I'm letting everyone down by not having the module out yet.  I had promised end of January and it was going quite good, but things got derailed.  I know its not en vogue to be making apology's however, I feel like I owe you one.  I humbly apologize.  

Its coming, its just a slow process.  There are 11 maps currently and about half are basically done, then I need to edit it, lay it out, and get some graphics done.  (and spell check! stat check!).  I am trying to add as much weird, and normal into it as I can.  Keeping it as much open ended as possible (ie no railroad).  From all of the OSR products I've read, and the few I've created I have learned a lot of valuable lessons.  

1.  Sticking to a tried and true format for layout is a good idea
2.  Keeping the price reasonable.  
3.  Random encounters tailored to each map.
4.  Background information, brief bits on "personality quirks" of major NPC's 
5.  A bit of balance.  (this might be hot button), but my current system I've described before, basically the adventure is for levels 3 and up, a group of 4 PCs.  Total possible hit points for the group could be in the neighborhood of 96.  
6.  Adding a few extra rules options for GM's. 
7.  This module is meant for Labyrinth Lord, however I am strongly considering including DEX for each monster, in case someone wants to play a bit of Holmes Old School.  

A few personal amendments. 
8.   Realizing that I can't please everyone 
9.  Shutting down and getting to it.  Reading what everyone else is up to is awesome! (and I know other people have echoed this).  Sometimes you get bogged down realizing the things you could be doing, than actually doing them. 
10.  I'm adding a few riddles, player handouts (Hopefully) and some of that kinda of stuff.  I know not everyone likes riddles and games, but a good GM will throw em out if they don't want them. 
11.  Remember to throw a few false rumors in there! Discussion with Dyson about this, as he said "I tend to write all of the rumors as true if I start with them".  So alas I deleted a good percentage of them, as they were all becoming true.  

Excuses - Drumroll on snare - work is getting in my way.  However there's no reason to have an excuse now is there.    

The gist of this is, go out and do some research on what everyone else is doing.  Keep the good bits, throw out the stuff that you don't like, and write your damn ass off.  I've got 198 rooms to go.  and the rest of the background.  Stop whining Shane. 

Blogs are fun aren't they! 


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