Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday Map - Well technically Wednesday, but I edited it this morning so Thursday sure that's it!

I'm going thru a bit of a spree of map making currently.  This is just some interesting underworld caves.  Whenever I get some time today, I'm going to create a disclaimer for my maps.  Basically the gist is go ahead and use them, just not for anything commercial.  You never know I might get some bright idea for a release at some point.  Anyways, grab it print it fill it out!  - Cheers!



  1. I know you've probably posted about this somewhere else already, but being fairly new to your blog, please allow me to ask:

    How do you make your maps?

    1. HI Mystic Scholar, normally I draw out a outline with pencil, then I fill it in with a sorta fountain pen (which I'm not entirely happy with currently). Then I cross hatch the whole thing, and then after that I go back and darken thicken the outline. I do all this on graph paper, however sometimes I've drawn on regular white and then just digitally added it afterwards. After I 'm done I scan it a 300 DPI to a pdf, open it with GIMP, convert to grayscale and then erase all the extra graph paper bits.