Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wrapping my head around 5e - part 2.

Okay, no luck creating a character.  For the simple reason that I was attempting to do so while using the free pdf.  The paging up and and down trying to make sure I have everything right was the biggest problem.  Roll ability scores, okay I'd like to be an elf.  Ah shit, Elves get +2 to initial scores here, page back up.  etc Wish I had done this in pencil.

I think the basic rules are fine for DM's who have ran 3rd and 4th edition, but there are still some things that I haven't quite cleared up in my head.  Advantage/Disadvantage was explained easily by some friends on google + (thank you guys!).

No explanation I could find in the free rules about, "Death Saves", there are 3 success and failures.  What happens after this? Do you die at that point.  What happens when you have 3 success?

And there are saving throws for each ability score? What?

The more I read this, the more I'm like meh, can we just play Lab Lord and be done?

I am reluctantly going to go and pick up the starter set, in hopes that it will have a bit more insight.  I don't plan to pick up the PHB or the DMG (I got the 2nd edition one good enough).  From what I gather however the Mines of Phlandelver is supposed to be pretty awesome as an adventure, so that'll be interesting anyways.


  1. Death Saves - If you have 3 successes (total) you are stable. This means that you are at 0 HP but are not at risk of dying (unless an enemy hits you and the process starts again). A success is any roll on a d20 (w no mods) that is a 10 or higher. If you fail 3 you die. Page 76 of the basic rules has everything in the normal PHB on this.

    Ability Saves - Every ability score has a save now. Its a d20 plus your mod vs. a pre-determined DC (Difficulty Class). There are some listed uses but it is mainly DM discretion. More on Ability ability checks can be found on page 58 of the Basic PDF.

    5e is rather easy as it gives the DM all the control back that was taken in 3 and 4e. There are some minor new rules that can throw at first though. Once in play, however, it flows rather quickly.

    1. Thanks Johua, from a conversation I'm having you and with a buddy as well, this is starting to make some semblance of sense. I thought the death saves were grand total. Like you have an opportunity to die, and succeed, and then goes on the check list. Later something happens and you fail, it eventually adds up to you die basically. LIke a running total. I think once I get the free rules printed + the starter set I should be good. and yah more dice! hahhaa.