Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Campaign Hack - Hacking Basic Fantasy Modules to suit your own needs

This title should be "hacking basic fantasy modules to suit MY own needs", however if this appeals to you go ahead and steal it.

I've written often about my love of BFRPG, and a lot of the modules.  This however is my little hack of putting together a few of the modules.  Mostly to suit my own campaign tastes.

First things first - head on over to and take a look at the downloads section.  Better yet you can grab all of the modules on amazon.

The wonderful thing about the basic fantasy website is that you can download the odt files and do exactly what I did, copy and paste to your hearts content to create your own adventure.

Okie dokie first things first.  The whole thing is set in the "Morgansfort" campaign setting.  Check out the map on page 2.

For the home base for the players I plan to use the keep at Morgansfort, as its highly nostalgic and written very well.   The Old Island Fortress will not be very far from Morgansfort.  And is a perfect starting dungeon for players.

Now here is where the whole thing takes a turn to hack!

The keep at Morgansfort is located exactly where the small town is located in the Chaotic Caves module.  The Chaotic Caves comes with a small town that a GM can flesh out, and extremely excellent surrounding lands map.  All of the random encounters on the surrounding lands map are excellent.   As well as the bandit keep!  About the only thing that I think I would leave out in my campaign is the actual Chaotic Caves (As there's going to be more than enough to do).

Now for a few little extra adventures, within Morgansfort there is a "Nameless Dungeon" that you can place somewhere within the Chaotic caves map.  And the "Caves of the unknown" within Morgansfort.

As well, go and grab Tales from the laughing dragon module.  Place the tavern "Laughing Dragon" within the keep at Morgansfort and there yah go!  There are 3 great adventure paths thru out that module.

Now the only slight issue is that a lot of these adventures are built for 1st level players, and they will level up eventually, making some of the dungeons a little too easy.  No problem!  go and re skin em with the Basic Fantasy Field Guide.  Once the PC's get thru all of these messes, its time to grab a copy of one of the Giant Series and work that into the story line.  

Here is a list of rumors to get you started. roll 1d6

1.  Fonkin, the beloved gnome sage is missing. The town guard is busy fighting off brigands and doesn't have time to look for him

2.  Lizardmen raid the local shipping now and then, carrying off loot.

3.   Three witches haunt the roads near a keep further into the wilderness, selling evil potions and petty magic in exchange for souls. [FALSE]

4  Human bandits are causing problems for outlying farms.

5.  People have been killed and eaten by ghouls near the crypt area.

6.   a one-eyed farmer named Bart tells you of the Old Island Fortress. It was built in ancient times by a people long forgotten, and it now lies in ruins. It is said to be home to both fearsome monsters and fabulous treasure.

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