Sunday, January 3, 2016

I've come to the obvious conclusion that I need a gaming room

The last bunch of sessions we've had I've went and borrowed a folding table from my work.  Then added our small dining table together for the DM to sit at.  The issue of course is I have to go grab dumb table from work, bring it home.  Then it sits in my back room for a week or 2, in one instance I think I left it here until we met up for D&D again, which was like a month in between.  So after a reasonable discussion with female wife counterpart, we have decided to clean up the basement (which is very dungeon esq) and create a place where we can play.

Our basement is quite dank, luckily we just went and purchased a dehumidifier so I'll actually be able to leave books down there without fear of them getting all moldy and ish.  I am currently in search of either an old assed ping pong table or a old dining table that I can get down the stairs in one more pieces.  The other good thing about this is that we will actually clean up the basement.  Ever since we moved in, it has basically become the "place where things go to die", ie junk.  Now it will be the "Place where PC's go to die".  hahaha.

As well, I'm already excited about decorating it a bit.  I have a bunch of maps of Forgotten Realms from the 2e setting and Menzoberranzan that I can hang on the walls.  A bit poster of a red dragon & a LOTR (movie 1) fellowship poster.  The other thing I was thinking of was going to the dollar store and  getting a few cheap swords possibly to hang on the walls.  As well as my collection of ceramic dragons.

Should be fun.   So as it stands I'm perusing kijiji (Canadian version of Craigslist.... although we have that too, but its used a bit less), in search of the quest for the gaming table!

(Whenever I find said table I will probably get on of those grid maps to put on it as well, I know my DM grabbed a big roll for super cheap).  Maybe even put some plexiglass over top so we can draw on it with markers.

Oh and I'll need a shelf for my D&D books, so there not all over the damn place.

What things would you include in your gaming room?

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