Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I like a creative challenge

A few days ago +Ivan Sorensen suggested the following: 

Feel like writing a new class, so let's have some fun with it and make it a little competition, if anyone is game?

The task will be to write a class for an OSR game, I;m going to suggest Labyrinth Lord or Swords&Wizardry since most everybody will have access to at least one of those, your call of which to use.

The class must follow a common theme, and we will have until Wednesday to write it.

Sound fun? It can be as involved or quick as you like, go minimalist or go all out.

If you're down, the theme will be "werewolf hunter" (because I was just thinking about the movie Dog Soldiers).

Don't post your class until Wednesday, then we'll post them all at the same time and people can comment, suggest and whatnot.
Then someone else can pick the next theme and we'll go ahead :)

I decided to give it a go by creating a S&W Class.  Since I'd never really created a S&W class before I enlisted +James Spahn who's friggin awesome at it!  After a few messages back and forth we got it pretty well nailed.  Which has spawned me to work on a few more. (BTW If you don't know James has created a pile of classes.)  

I've come to the conclusion that creating classes is a fun little hobby, but rather than just create a generic class (as it's all been done before and a lot better than what I can come up with!) I think creating a interesting backstory & possible organization behind the class is a fun way to go about it. 

You can download my attempt at a character class right here. 

There is a few spelling mistakes in mine, particularly "martial" vs "marital" which i'll fix in a bit. 

And here is Ivans 


I recently joined a fun new community on Google Plus called "FREE OSR RPG SHIT".  The gist of which is "FREE" and when you post you need to add SHIT to whatever your posting.  For example I posted a link to a bunch of my maps with "Here's some free shitty maps!". 

There has been a pile of awesome posts already.  I like the community because A.  It's free B.  It promotes creativity, and C.  I'm finding some awesome new stuff I didn't know about.  For example 

+Steve C created "Random Dungeon Stuff"  which is friggin awesome. 

It's a cool dungeon generator which I'm going to use later this week.  I have this map I drew up awhile ago that's begging for some monsters and stuff. With all of the talk lately about S&W I think I might give it a go on this adventure.  It'll be a download on this page.  

Damn I love our OSR community! 

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