Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It's all Ancient Greek to me.

I'm on the last pages of "The Last Olympian" Percy Jackson books, and they are great.  I forsee writing some stuff in that vein.  I know there's quite a lot modules out there with a greek theme, but this is something that's been in the back of my head for awhile.  I had started writing this adventure called "Goblins Greed Isle" and Percy has sparked me to do a bit more writing. 

The intention of course is to be a bit vague here, but this is something that I wrote on my walk to work this morning.

The Fields 

The expanse of the wasteland drags on for miles in every direction.  Large cracks & fissures make traversing the Fields difficult and dangerous.  Nothing really grows, except small blackened plant life.  Ghostly images of men walking in the distance make you raise your brow.   What is this place? 

Encounter Table For The Fields. 

1.  A old man, shimmering between life and death walks across the fields.  Leaning on his walking stick every few minutes, he looks tired. 

2.  A family of six holding hands travel together heading west.

3.  A pack of hellhounds chasing ghostly warriors.

4.  A giant does battle with a cyclops.

5.  Large pool of black tar stretches about a mile wide and a few miles long.

6.  On the ground is an old text detailing the world beyond this one.  It emits a darkness that makes most afraid of it.

7.  Vultures the size of elephants swarm over head.

8.  An old chariot pulled by ghostly horses tumbles along in the distance.  There is no driver.

9.  Standing in the middle of nothing is a large grey tree.  Blood seeps from its bark, pooling at the base.

10.  A extremely large cow is attempting to burrow itself underground.

11.  An archaic monument made of hard packed sand in the shape of a thirty foot tall woman.

12.  A set of ornamental stairs leading down into the darkness.

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