Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tuesday Update

I'm itching to play some elf games.  I've got about 2 weeks until our first session of "tomb of annihilation".  I may even go and buy some new dice for this campaign! 

It's starting to feel like fall is coming to a close, this morning it was 23 degrees Fahrenheit.  Tomorrow apparently the winds are going to be wicked.  Time to find some gloves and toque.

Couple of things on my radar this morning that are related to the OSR scene.

Today is release day for "Dark Places & Demogorgons" and here's a link to important information for the KS backers.

It looks like is back in the saddle! This is great news.  Which means I'm going to stop posting the friday "old school awesome".  I intend to focus my blog efforts on doing a bit more world building, and reviews of rules/adventures.  And of course general weirdness.

The Contessa mascots are manufactured and on the way!  Good news is you can purchase a few, even if you didn't back it.  Link.

There is a fundly page setup for Stacy, if you can help her out that would be wonderful.  She recently found out she has cancer and is raising money to help her get thru the journey.  Here's the link.

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