Tuesday, November 7, 2017

d10 Random Underworld Merchants

Roll 1D10 three times to see which merchants are currently present in the marketplace.

The merchants rotate on a fairly regular basis. If the PC’s leave and come back, there will most likely be different merchants within the marketplace.

1 Jewel Merchant Gracecaryn Tallcrippler (Female Halfing) - Gracecaryn buys and sells gems. She will pay 15% less than book value.

2 Bower/Fletcher Eilaga Penniston- (Male Human) - Eilaga sells and makes arrows, bolts, bows & crossbows of incredible quality, all bows/crossbows are +1 and are 50 GP’s more than book value. The bows are ornately decorated in runes resembling 0`s , 1`s.

3 General Merchandise Elgretor Soulaxe - (Male Dwarf) - Elgretor sells any general merchandise other than weapons.

4 Teamster Xangretor Chorster - (Male Human) Xangretor sells fairly hardy donkeys & mules that have been bred specifically for use in the underworld. 8 GP for a Donkey, 30 GP`s for a Mule.

5 Alchemist Kevahn Brushrange - (Male Halfling) Kevahn is a travelling Alchemist, he is always on the lookout for rare ingredients. He will normally have 3 potions in stock (roll randomly on potions list). Each potion is worth 250 GP`s. He will purchase healing potions for 75 GP`s. Kevahn is a tough negotiator and has a extremely high Charisma (17).

6 Tailor Eildove Mistletoe (Female Elf) Eildove comes from the lands above, she sells a variety of cloaks, boots, dresses and tunics all at reasonable prices. She will buy furs from PC`s, she is specifically on the lookout for Deep bear furs and will be 150 GP`s each for them.

7 Carpenter Ellamin Rubymace (Male Dwarf) Ellamin sells a variety of wooden trinkets, statues and the occasional wooden shield (75 GP`s +1)

8 Happy Harry`s Used Weapons & Exciting Wares - Harry Racdesu (Male Human) is a enigmatic salesman, he sells scavenged `gently used weapons and armor`. All of his wares are in very bad shape. Any weapon purchased from Harry is considered -1, due to the dullness of blades. All of Harry`s armor is in equally bad shape. He of course will give his 101% satisfaction guarantee. All weapons and armor are 10% cheaper than regular book price.

9 Painter Victakain Songsteel (Female Human) Victakain makes a wonderful living painting the various dwarves and humans that live in the underworld. She will purchase works of art and resell them (Normally stating that she in fact created them herself). Any PC wishing to have a painting done of themselves will have to pay upwards of 500 GP`s for the pleasure.

10 Provisioner Norlamin Strifeminer (Male Dwarf) Norlamin sells standard & iron rations, as well as his special brew ``Strifeminer Mead``. The mead has no special effects, but is quite rare above ground. A 5 gallon jug of Strifeminer Mead is worth 15 GP`s and above ground its worth double!

Artwork via Old Book Illustrations.

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