Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Another room for "return of the blue baron"

8.  The Prize.  Hanging upon the southern wall is a battle axe, a dagger and a mace.  There is a vague inscription below all of the weapons that reads “choose wisely, as one option will be of great value the others great consequence.  Below the weapons are three individual round holes.  The centre hole seems to fit the dagger hilt perfectly just by eyeballing it. 

The centre hole fits the dagger perfectly.  The axe and mace can fit into either the west or east hole.  The incorrect order is (east to west) Axe, Dagger, Mace.  The correct order (east to west) is Mace, Dagger, Axe.  All of the weapons are a +1 and are finely crafted.  If the players pick the incorrect order a the doors will lock and the ceiling and floor will start to slowly move together, squishing the characters, this will take place in 1d4 rounds.  The players can still attempt to switch the weapons into the correct order (while the ceiling is coming down) and recieve the prize, however upon doing putting the weapons in the correct order they will not receive the prize for having done it correctly in the first place.  A evil referee may in fact decide to blast them with a good dose of acid from holes in the ceiling (1d6 damage on a failed saving throw vs poison). 

If placed in the correct order, a treasure chest will appear from a compartment in the wall.  Inside the chest is 300 GPs, 150 SPs, Two magic user spells, one cleric spell. 

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