Monday, February 12, 2018


Quoting +Zak Sabbath here:
People are putting out so many new DIY RPG things I can't keep track of them.
People are running games with lots of people they met online.
New blogs I never heard of are sprouting and have really good stuff.
Folks I don't know are having projects crowdfunded like whoa.
The peanut gallery isn't hating on or crushing any lone creators projects or proposals or picking on anyone for no reason in any significant way.
In mainstream forums, OSR and DIY stuff gets regularly called out as good stuff for 5e players.
Publishers besides LotFP are starting to publish other experimental folks' stuff (not just self-publish).
People who have done good work on one project are getting hired or partnered with to help out on other ones.
Most questions people ask can be answered by a link to some post somebody already wrote, or a rabbit hole someone already dug into.
It's working and it's nice.
The thing we wanted to see happen 4-5 years ago has happened .

I agree with Zak.  Things are happening, they are happening quickly.  There is wonderful stuff that keeps coming out, new blogs that I have never heard of, character classes, adventures! 

Here's a list of some new cool projects, and blogs that I've found latetly. 

(Not all of these are new, but I recently started following them, check it out)

+Mike Evans is up to a ton of stuff - check it out here:

Venger just released this: 

The Midderlands EXPANDED kickstarter is happening now!!!

And Zak has "frost bitten & mutilated" being released soon! Here is the preview
and he is working on Demon City here.

RPG Pundit: The Lion & The Dragon looks pretty awesome. Click here

and I really want to play this 

About the only thing that I might disagree with is the "crushing on any lone creators" because I've experienced that, however as far as a whole scene is concerned I think that it's happening less & less. 

Obviously there is a PILE of other awesome stuff, I just don't have the time right this second to post up everything.  The good news is it's super easy to find! And in general I post a lot about the more obscure stuff as well as the more front and centre DIY RPG stuff.

It's a good day to be part of the DIY RPG Community!(err it's a GOOD YEAR!) 

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