Monday, March 19, 2018

Kinda done with arguing.

I'm kinda done with the arguing that goes on, on the internet in regards to rpgs (and honestly everything in general).  Whether its edition wars, or people who want to call at an old schooler because they are old school, or vice versa.  Having a healthy debate about something is one thing.  Constructive criticize is also a good thing (sometimes).  What is really grinding my gears is outright hate, and social justice warriors.  Why? Why do these people feel the need to comment? It makes no sense.

It's the internet!  If someone is pissing you off, delete them, block them and move on.  It's sorta like that dog adage "if you can't eat it or fuck it, piss on it and walk away".

I suppose I could chalk it up to "Some people just want to watch the world burn".  Then I think, these people don't want to watch the world burn, what they want to do is argue because they have absolutely nothing else going on in their lives.

I hate to quote all of our mothers, but honestly "if you don't have something nice to say.... Don't say anything!".  ie think before you type.

Things to do other than argue with people on the internet - roll a d20
1.  Go for a walk, leave your phone at home
2.  Grab a bite to eat, leave your phone at home
3.  Call a relative
4.  Watch a sporting event.
5.  Read a book, re-read a favourite book.
6.  Do something creative! draw a map, write something, pick up a instrument
7.  Listen to an album.
8.  Do your socks match? Should they? Go find the match.  Should they not, but they currently match? go find a different sock.
9.  Have you watered any of your plants today?
10.  What time is it? is it time for a beer? cup of Tea? large glass of water?
11.  Have you decided which dice you are going to use next gaming session? figure that out.
12.  Go put sticky notes in your players handbook for important pages.  Better yet, retype it and print it off with your character sheet.
13.  Pile of laundry? do that.
14.  Chop some onions, you might need that at some point this week.
15.  Prep the coffee pot for tomorrow morning.
16.  It's never to early to start Christmas/holiday shopping.
17.  Plans for the weekend? make some!
18.  Work on a grocery list for next week.
19.  Do you live where it's cold? you probably have to shovel some snow.  Warm? is the front sidewalk dusty? leaves need cleaning up? are their weeds in the garden?  Bird watching!
20.  Netflix and Chill?


Sorry about that, I had to rant.

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