Monday, May 28, 2018

Music and lighting a fire.

A few months back I talked with some friends of mine who are in the "Ash-Hats" and "Silent Dissonance" about possibly writing some music for me.  They are always looking for things to do.  At the time I was really working on a adventure sandbox, and my sorta idea was to create a video trailer for the adventure, and then when it was complete do a full length video detailing the whole book.  A lil bit of marketing and obviously fun for everyone! Two fold really, makes me do some video editing which I don't do often and gets the guys writing some music.

Fast forward to yesterday evening:  I haven't had a lot of time to do writing on this project, because I've been up to my eyeballs working on the blue baron (Which btw is getting very close, I have level 1 layed out, and I'm starting on level 2 today).  I however had this sandbox idea rolling around in the back of my head.

I get a call last night from the guys, conference call, three of them on the phone.

"K Shane, explain the adventure, and how much music do you need?"

Me: "Well I thought about doing a 1 minute trailer thing and then a full 3 minute video".

Guys: "Alright so we kinda thought what we be cool if it was like baroque acoustic metal, and then it sorta hits this bit, where it's like you are sliding down these crazy slide into darkness and then WHAM! it hits".

Me" Fuck yah".

I then go on to explain the entire premise around the adventure, and that I don't have everything quite concrete but that its fairly dark, etc.  There's lots of umms and ahhhs, and just "well this is sort of the idea, but it might change here", basically the coles note.

What I get when I finish...


And I laughed so hard, and then said "well I'll need some playtesters, but its gonna be old school, you will die".

note:  one guy has played old school, the others have played 3.5 and 5. 

So now I have a fire.  After rotbb is complete it's full speed ahead on this project.

So I better get my shit together, cuz there's music coming for it! hahaha

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