Thursday, May 31, 2018

Politics and war

Elerd is more of a benevolent God than an actual dictator. The thing is he's been around forever. Because he's a vampire. He built his keep long ago. He keeps his citizens happy, and doesn't kill them or rule over them with an iron fist. People are safe. Elerd doesn't have a army per se, but he has allies in the world.

And you thought this was a post about whatever hub bub was going on.

You might be wondering, how does this whole Elerd thing work? Why doesn't he kill the townsfolk? Ever play oblivion? There's a town with a vampire lord, and no one knows. He just goes about his business. In the grand scheme, he might be comparable to Louis (Anne rice).

In case you are even more confused, I'm writing a bit of detail about my campaign setting. Which I've mentioned I should do.

Obviously you may have clicked on this because of political reasons.

On the other end of the spectrum is the "big bad" gralag the hob goblin warlord. (why do I always use a g for bad guy names?

Gralag comes from North of the wyvern tooth mountains. He has assembled a massive army. He intends to destroy and dominate everything to the south. For reasons (mostly he's a dick).

Gralags army is moving on the elves in autumn wood, another force moves towards elerds keep. Small scouting bases are setup in the forward positions to help supply troops.

He hopes for a quick victory. But he's spreading his army to thin.

There are rumours at the keep that elerd has met with some unsavoury looking types. Is this a possibility of trying for a treaty perhaps.

Somewhere in the wild there are three witches who have the gift of prophecy.

One of them wakes from a disturbing dream, the Son of a barbarian slitting his father's throat. In the background is a shrine to Zeus. The rain pours down.

Another has a dream about Gralag and the destruction he will cause. She makes preparations to seek out a demon, to try and find answers.

The third rides for elerds keep.

The elves of autumnwood are in good relations with the hobbits of brymassen. However The Queen of the elves distrusts elerd. The hobbits of course are oblivious to the world around them.

And the dwarves are nowhere to be found, except underground.

Yeah my campaign was basically lotr wasn't it

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