Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Starting and continuing a discussion

A week ago I posted the following on the OSR google community

There's a lot less discussion nowadays. Let's start one.
*favourite module or adventure setting from a unknown or less known publisher *

The purpose of this discussion is two fold: 1. To draw attention to excellent publishers who do not get enough press. 2. To get adventures in your hands that you can run with, in most cases one's that don't cost a lot of money and ones you can throw into your campaign without a lot of tweaking.

I'd like to thank everyone who jumped on the original thread and gave their recommendations and adding things to the discussion! Kryinn, Michael, Will, Chris, Jeremy, Gabor, Matt 

Here's the list (which is by no means exhaustive but it's a start!), please feel free to add links in the comments. 

The Ruined Hamlet/Terror in the Gloaming

Into the Unknown! The wilderness around the cave stronghold called Gold Hill Trading Post is dangerous and scattered with ruins of large and small settlements. Will your party find fame and fortune, solve ancient mysteries, or just disappear into the Borderlands like so many that came before? This module contains underground and wilderness maps that form a detailed adventure and mini-campaign for beginning characters, including an abandoned village, haunted graveyard, ruined church, traders’ camp, wilderness encounters, and monster lairs.

Tomb Of The Iron God 
Introductory adventure for Swords & Wizardry (pdf file, $2.50). The Monastery of the Iron God has been destroyed by divine wrath, and its treasure-laden catacombs are ripe for the picking by an enterprising young group of adventurers such as yourselves ... Designed for 4-8 characters, levels 1-2.

The Village With No Name
Along the road in a distant location is a village with no name but with citizens under siege by a gang of evil rogues, adventurers and rubes. Who will confront these men and their leaders? And what twist of fate awaits the PCs?  Village with No Name is an AD&D 1st Edition Adventure for a party of 1st-to-3rd level adventurers. It is the first installment in a multi-part series of adventures involving the main NPC in this module. is adventure can be played separately or as part of the larger series.

The Lair of Largash the Lurid
Largash the Lurid, scourge of the common folk and self-appointed king beneath the rocky hills, lurks deep within his lair. Who dares enter his realm to unthrone this most evil of monarchs? Can your brave party of adventurers defeat Largash the Lurid and his evil minions once and for all?
This module is a complete adventure including maps, descriptive text, background information and encounter notes.

A bunch of wonderful downloads at Elfamids & Octopi

For millennia the Valley of Eternal Rest has been the home of the recently departed. More cultures are represented here than exist on any world, and each has their own rites and customs for how the dearly departed are to be housed for all eternity. Can your party survive a venture into a valley of such antiquity where so many lay at rest? Or worse, do NOT lay at rest! Can your party survive even one tomb?

The Secret Garden of Lord Vyre

Lord Vyre, a ruler of Fishtown just over a hundred years ago, known for his multiple dalliances with lovers and his purported ability with black magic and conjuration. His reign of Fishtown was brief and strange, marked by the appearance of elves, an overgrowth of plants in the night-time, and a lot of romance. Fishtown’s population doubled during his reign and the town’s greatest artists appeared in this time. He spontaneously combusted in public one day (black magic was blamed), and the rulership passed to the next, and eventually was assigned to the city council.

The Necropolis of Nuromen is a modular quest designed to let the referee introduce a group of 1st level characters to the thrills of Underworld exploration as they attempt to unravel they secrets of the evil necromancer’s lair and deal with some bandits, too.

Will the heroes have what it takes to head to the island that has been given the name “Undead Island”? Will they be brave enough to handle what challenges come before them? Find out in this adventure!

Undead Island is a White Box adventure for between four and six characters of 1st to 3rd level

A brief and bloody 9-page module detailing Velkis, whose voice can never be ignored, and the 5 chambers of his subterranian boudire. The adventure is written using Lamentation of the Flame Princess rules, but could easily be converted for use in any dungeon crawling game, and provide a challenge for characters of low to mid levels. 

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