Thursday, August 2, 2018

Day 2 - DIY30

As usual I had a few ideas on my walk to work.

Notes on "The City Of Glass":  The city is a large circle with a huge glass bubble that surrounds it.  The bubble not only protects the citizens, but allows for climate control as the Venusians prefer more Oxygen and heavier gravity than the rest of the planet can provide.  The city is a centre of learning.  As well the main export is the "alien metal" mine below the earth.  There is a small section in the southeastern section of the city called the "Papple" which is set aside for non Venusians.

(Obviously I'm still fleshing this out)

HEX:  The Bean Forest:  One of many similar forests, filled with giant (30 feet tall) green bean stocks.  There are animal trails throughout this hex.  Within is a colony of O'thugs living in a small enclosure built up in the beans (about 20 feet up).  There are 1d6 O'Thug guards keeping watch on the enclosure.

O'thugs, this creature stands 7 feet tall, it is vaguely humanoid with 2 legs and 4 large arms.  The O'thugs are not the most intelligent creatures.  They gather in smaller colonies (2d20), ussually found in large fissures or caves.  They are vicious and will raid encampments for supplies.  In combat they will use all four arms to swing at enemies. 
AC 7  HD 4d6  Att: 4 Damage 1d6/1d6/1d6/1d6 Strength +2 XP 125


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