Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Isle Of Dread House Rules, and Great intro video

I found this great video introduction to the Isle Of Dread (and a pile of other awesome content on Mystara) 

I'm almost done my checklist, here's the last few things.
1.  Re-read the module and make some notes 
2.  Finish up the hirelings. 
3.  Obviously print a bunch of stuff. 
4.  Download the GM screen for Whitebox and pop it into google drive. 
5.  Re-create the tables in Isle Of Dread and stat all the monsters out for Whitbox (this will just make things easier). 
6.  Buy beer and invite people over. 
7.  Probably kill their characters. 

Here are my house rules for our upcoming Swords & Wizardry Whitebox game set within the Isle Of Dread. 

House Rules
  • You will earn experience points for overcoming challenges, and for gold acquired.  Note that you don’t necessarily have to kill the monster to overcome the situation.  
  • We are playing in an open world, which means that you can pretty much do anything.  Think outside the box and have fun! Obviously there could be consequences.
  • At 0 hit points you are unconscious, at negative your level you must make a saving throw or die.  On a success you are returned to 0 hit points.
  • Each character starts out with 2 luck points, these work the same way as inspiration and can be used to re-roll any dice.  
  • After a fight, a player can bandage their wounds for 1d6 hit points.
  • Consumables are important!  Don’t run out of food, torches, arrows!
  • Each character will get one hireling (of the same class).  You will be responsible for this character, and in the case of things going sideways you will be asked to “check the morale” of the hireling.  They may flee. The hireling can be used as a backup character in the event of death.
  • Every encounter (monster or otherwise) will have a reaction check, this means that not everything will attempt to kill you right away.
  • Prior to rolling Initiative the players will state what their intentions are.  Initiative is handled by rolling 1d6 for each side (players and DM). No bonuses are added to the roll, and the players will take turns rolling initiative for the group.  In the case of a tie combat is resolved simultaneously.
  • Ability checks are based on your ability check stat.  Ex a 5th level thief must roll over 10 on a d20. Ability modifiers can be added to the roll.
  • Your attack bonus is added to your d20 roll, and your strength or dexterity modifier.  Only fighters add their modifier to damage. Ex d20+Attack Bonus+Dex Mod = To hit. 


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