Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Repost: In defense of old school armour class

James West posted this on facebook (well the image).  I kindly asked him to post a blog with it so I could cross post:

The reason for this was, because I think this is awesome! and a perfect way to explain it.  Especially for people who have only ever played with ascending. 

A little while ago I was playing with my 5e group, and one dude named Scott (whose been playing for a long time) said "I hit AC 14".  When he said that I realized that this guy had played old school games.  We hit it off right away lol!

Anyways, if you need some help explaining it to a newb, or someone whose only ever played the newer way, print this off. 

I'm going to print it and stick it in my hand out sheets to my players.

Thanks James.

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