Thursday, September 19, 2019

Isle Of dread session three

Last night was super fun! I do however need to get my gm chops up to snuff. The PC's were about two days away from the island, when I massive storm hit. It slowly pulled them off course and beat up the boat a lot. They were smart enough to tie themselves off, except one rope broke and a pc fell overboard. Thankfully the God's were on their side and the pc was rescued.

(note it was about a two hour session with no actual combat).

Finally they made it to the bay where the village of tanora was located.

The PC's got off the boat, throwing their weapons down to ease the vibe the villagers were giving off.

The nervous warriors spread apart, revealing a young girl. She introduced herself as meeka. When she spoke she would always repeat her first
few words.

"it has been a long time since we had visitors, it has"

She proceeded to give them a tour of the village. Stopping at the wall, which showed signs of having been battered by something inhuman.

She talked of her ancestors and the great city, the large black pearl that had a connection to their gods. And that it had been lost in time.

The PC's noticed the zombies ancestors, and asked about them.

And that's where we canned it for the night.


  1. How do you run ocean adventures? How do you pick storms and where off course is and how many PCs go into the drink?

    1. I didn't use any mechanic. I just decided that it needed to be an interesting voyage, to set the tone for the adventure. As well I try to not pick on one person. So in this case I did have them roll if they fell overboard. 1 on a d6. Obviously that could have blown up in my face! Hahahah