Monday, December 13, 2021

Elf trances

 James West is working on cool stuff.

I remember starting this challenge in the g plus days. There's likely some posts on this blog from then. 

I dunno if I'm doing this but I started thinking about elves today. 

Elves don't sleep, mostly because of the cheer amount of coffee they drink. Instead they go into a deep caffeinated trance.

1.  Detect magic with 2 miles.

2.  Heal 2 + 1 hp per level

3.  Find source of food and water.

4.  Find a solution to the next quest or puzzle.

5.  One extra first level spell for the day.

6.  Increase save VS spells for one day. 

7.  Lightfoot gain sneak thief ability for a day.

8.  Gain power to turn undead for a day.

9.  Commune with elfin home or nature.

10.  Well that's as far as I got on my lunch break....

In other news, the art punk contest is complete and released.

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