Thursday, April 21, 2022

Sticky heroic situations

While rewatching game of thrones I realized that I need to incorporate more sticky situations for PC's.

In one moment in season two the assassin is in a wagon surrounded by fire.  He's asking Arya to let him out.

Id like to incorporate more of those types of situations in games.  Gandalf hanging by one hand and needing to be pulled up.

Here's a few ideas:

Walls closing in (star wars)

Scaling a flat wall 

Someone falling off a cliff needing a hand up.

Surrounded by fire 

A rope bridge that is falling apart

Large boulder in dungeon tunnel (Indiana  Jones).

Using a rope to get out of a window to escape.  Rope not long enough.

Obviously these types of things happen organically.  Design wise there usually needs to be one other alternative that is less dangerous.  Usually the PCs will take that route.

Another thing I want to incorporate more are chases.  Of course this depends on the PCs actually attempting to flee.  That said the bad guys can always try to flee.

A lot of dnd is straight up fight to the death combat.  Which is fine, but it reminds me to check morale! Which goes for the monsters and hirelings.

Just some random thoughts today while I wait to go to work.

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