Sunday, June 12, 2022

Blue baron series update

The blue baron series was recently pulled from drivethrurpg due to a possible "going against community standards".  I've been in contact with the team and they have approved the titles for *"sale" again.  They found nothing within the books that would be flagged as inappropriate.  As soon as I can find the time I will re-put them back up on drivethru, likely today. 

*By sale I mean free. 

The "return of the blue baron" is also available for at cost print thru amazon, formerly createspace.  At some point I am going to likely pull it down, I believe there were only about 3 copies printed that way.  You are more than welcome to print it yourself if you like.  Since the change over from createspace to whatever it is now, it is extremely difficult to login and adjust things.  I love how that make it difficult to deal with this stuff! 

As far as completing the trilogy,  I'm going to go on record as saying it is unlikely to happen.  I am still feeling the effects of trying to complete the "return of the blue baron".  It was a difficult process for me, which caused a lot of anxiety.  Considering the entire project is free and a collaborative idea, it should have been much easier.

As I've previously mentioned I am unlikely to do much actual publishing moving forward, other than on the blog.  Of course stranger things have happened. 

Thanks for being understanding.  Here is the link to the 3 toadstools stuff on dtrpg.

Next up on the blog, I am going to post about Gamma World house rules and a few other ideas.

Coming soon.

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  1. I certainly enjoyed contributing. If you do a third installment, let me know.