Tuesday, September 6, 2022


Hey everyone, I just had an amazing BLT sandwich with home grown tomatoes.

Gaming wise, my gamma world game is done for now.  However I learned a lot of things.   I hadn't ran a game in awhile and it was a new system for me to run.  So that was interesting and meaningful.  One thing I tried was to not overprep.  What I did realize was that I still need a few good encounters and a decent sketch of the world.  It was a lot of fun.

I have a few decent ideas for gamma world which I'll post up here.  Not sure if it's worth putting in a lot of effort for anything official.

More to come.

I'm still playing in Steve's bad assed bx game on Tuesdays nights.  As the winter rolls around I'll hopefully I'll get a game going again with my cousins.  In the meantime I'm happy to keep playing Gideon the neutral cleric.

On another note my good friend Vic passed away last year and I stumbled upon his blog, there's some good stuff here.

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