Wednesday, August 21, 2013

OSR Manitoba!

WOW! I'm really excited to see that there are like minded OSR Individuals in my community!

What is OSR Manitoba
OSR Manitoba is a place for people who are interested in classic RPG gaming and specifically as a community in Manitoba.
This forum is what will be used for scheduling games for this community for the time being.
This is especially important for online games such as with Hangouts in Google+

If you wish to schedule a game please contact Scott Hadaller at lord.transcona at gmail dot com.
You must be a member of the OSR Manitoba Facebook Group to receive announcements and have the OSR Manitoba Google+ Page in your G+ Circles in order to join a Hangout Session at OSR Manitoba.
Of coarse you can host your own Hangout with anyone you like with your own G+ account for OSR Manitoba listed events.

What is the OSR? See these links below:

List of Old School Renaissance RPGs
What "dead" RPGs do you want to bring back to life? - either for a campaign or a session. Let us know so we can schedule some games

OSR Manitoba Facebook Group
OSR Manitoba Google+ Page

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